Month: <span>May 2020</span>

Bringing Comfort and Safety into your Home- insulation specialists

While it typically stays out from under the spotlight, concealed in attics and put behind doors, insulation is key to holding energy bills down and optimizing comfort in the house. If your house could do with some insulation, suggest recruiting insulation specialists to perform the work. Insulation specialists are strong enough to deal with insulation and […]Read More

Quik-Response: Canada’s Innovative Flood Defense Solution

Flooding is already more expensive for Canadians than any other climate problem. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, insured damage is estimated at $74 million in Ontario, $127 million in Quebec and $6 million in New Brunswick. The frequency and severity of floods have been proven to continue to increase; requiring Canadians to take […]Read More

Is your AC unit smelling weird? Know why

The air from your air conditioner is supposed to be fresh. Well, it does not necessarily need to have a smell, often it does. And most of the time, the scent is fresh. But what if, when it is not? All of us have been through the problem of musty smell from the air conditioner. […]Read More

9 Biggest Moving Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Moving to a new place comes with a medley of emotions. It’s natural to feel sentimental as you bid goodbye to a place you’ve created many memories in; it’s also inevitable to feel nervous and excited as you get to start afresh in a new home. But be careful not to let these feelings interfere […]Read More

Real Estate Bloom after Corona Virus

Crises are Opportunities? Investing in Real Estate during the pandemic. Is it a right thought while the world is heading towards a recession will holding property be valuable? The world is hasting its efforts to combat the worst pandemic of the century, but never can a land holding lose its value. Any other area of […]Read More