4 Criteria To Consider When Landscaping Your Yard

 4 Criteria To Consider When Landscaping Your Yard

When you buy a new home or consider improving your current curb appeal, landscaping stands front and center. A lush green lawn, healthy trees and a variety of plants can add visual texture, color and interest to your yard, but there are other reasons to consider landscaping your yard.

  1. Let it Grow

Your grass, regardless of variety and climate, needs to grow. The length above the ground indicates the depth of the roots. Let it grow a bit and then cut it with the goal of making it even, not cutting it golf-course short. A stronger root system will help create a stronger top-growth. Allow cuttings to fall down into the grass as mulch and nourish the lawn.

  1. Native Plants

Choose plants that are native to the climate your house is located in. This allows for thriving and healthy plants that will not suffer due to too much heat or cold and that are adapted to the humidity levels in your climate. Choose someone who understands the landscaping Memphis TN homeowners deal with to help you make selections.

  1. Water Retention

Some plants are thirsty and require daily watering. This may be alright if you live in a rainy or humid climate, or if you have an automatic sprinkling system. For those who want or need to conserve water, you may want to choose plants that do not require constant watering such as Mexican Feathergrass, columbine or aster.

  1. Your Trees Will Grow

Many people make the mistake of planting a young tree where it looks good at its current size. Keep in mind that your trees will grow and instead of framing your picture window, it may obscure it all together. Plant them where they will look good as they grow.

Landscaping is an art and mixed with a little science, you can have the yard of your dreams. Heed the tips above to achieve success and showplace results.


Sherry Dowell