4 Factors That Determine When You Need a Roof Inspection

 4 Factors That Determine When You Need a Roof Inspection

Most people don’t think about the condition of their roof until that unpleasant stain appears on their ceiling thanks to a leak. If you’re a homeowner, you will need to have a roof inspection done at some time in your life. Here are some tips to know when.

The Climate You Live In

Where you live will affect how often you need your roof inspected. Is your climate typically humid? That moist air can wreak havoc with your roof, speeding up mold growth and wood rot. In such climates, you’ll need a roof inspection more often. Do you live in a dry area? Your roof will last way longer, and you can wait a while before getting that inspection.

The Age of Your Roof

A new roof won’t need an inspection as often as an older one. By the time your house is ten years old, It will need to be inspected once a year. When your roof passes 20 years, it’s time to schedule your roof inspection St Louis MO every six months.

The Number of Trees on Your Property

While trees are great for providing shade, they can also cause problems for your roof. Leaves can clog your gutter and leave water standing on your home’s covering, leading to mold growth and rot unless you are diligent about cleaning your gutters.

If You Have a Metal Roof

Even metal roofs wear down over time. Any metal will expand when it’s hot and then contract when it’s cold. Over time, screws holding your metal roof in place can loosen, allowing water to reach the underlying structure of your roof where it builds up and causes rot, mold and rust.

By finding the problems with your roof before water leaks through your ceiling, you save money and protect your most valuable investment.

Carmen Ma