4 Roof Repair Warning Signs

 4 Roof Repair Warning Signs

You don’t have to wait until you spot a water leak on the ceiling of your home to know there are problems with your roof. If you examine tiles or shingles twice a year, you can spot potential issues before they cause costly concerns. Here are four roof repair warning signs.

  1. Visible Gaps

When roofing fabrics begin to buckle or curl, your home is warning you that you need a new roof. Contact a roof repair services Denver CO for estimates on how extensive the damage is, but often when you can see the problem, it is too late to begin repairs.

  1. Problem Valleys

Your roof’s valleys take a lot of abuse during heavy weather, so that is the area to look for the first signs of problems. If you have missing sections or broken tiles, the water from rain flow or draining snow can cause extensive damage in your attic, insulation, and home’s ceilings.

  1. Obvious Age

Most roofing materials last between 15 and 30 years, but there are caveats. Unusual weather patterns can affect the roof’s durability by tearing sections up that need to be patched, and that can make the top a little less secure. If your roof is more than 10 years old, have a roofing company check to see how many layers are stacked in repaired sections to estimate potential issues.

  1. Loose Granules

When you begin finding loose granules from your home’s asphalt tales in the gutter system, it may be time to start thinking about a new roof. The ground-up rock protects your home from UV rays, and once that begins to disappear, the whole structure becomes vulnerable to hostile elements.

It is easier than you think to protect your roof. If you check your home’s tiles twice a year, the roof will present you with warning indications long before damage signs appear inside your residence.

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