4 Steps To Fix a Lawn After Construction

 4 Steps To Fix a Lawn After Construction

If you’ve just finished with a construction project, the building is probably beautiful. However, the lawn is probably a muddy mess. If you leave it to recover by itself, it will take forever. Here are some things you can do to help it along. 

Prep Work

Before you do anything, make sure the construction is all done and all vehicles, materials and tools are removed from the property. Take a soil sample to make sure the pH is optimum for growing. If it’s not, there are certain chemicals and additives you can use to adjust it. 

Start Over

If there are large areas of bare, compacted dirt, you’re likely going to have to add at least 6 inches of topsoil, maybe more. This give grass and other flora an ideal environment to set down roots. You will have to til it, which mixes it up with the soil under it and prevents topsoil from becoming a carpet-like layer. The topsoil should slope away from your finished structure instead of towards it.

Go Green

If you chose to use a service for hydroseeding auburn wa, you probably can use less topsoil. Ask the company for contractors choice grass seed southern California or for your area. When you hydroseed, you’re applying fertilizer, additives as well as seeds in one step, cutting back on labor and time. Otherwise, you have to apply about two inches of fertilizer before applying a seed layer.

Get Wet

Until the grass matures, you will have to tend to it frequently. For the first couple weeks you may have to water it up to three times a day, depending on the weather. For 6 to 8 weeks after that, you may have to water the lawn weekly—or even daily if heat is inhospitable. Check out lawn treatment frisco tx for more information.

Before you know it, you will have a lawn that matches the splendor of your new home or building.

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