5 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for 

 5 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems to Watch Out for 

Business owners may not consider how the availability of functional restrooms is essential to their business’s success. When a commercial bathroom is in disrepair because the owner is not doing proper maintenance, it reflects poorly on the business. Not only that, it can also put customer and employee health at risk. Plumbers can help get things back up to par.

Five of the most common commercial plumbing problems that may arise are:
1. Silent Toilet Leaks:
When toilets have obvious leaks, you know there is an issue immediately. A silent leak in the toilet is much more subtle and not always as easy to detect. A silent toilet leak is often caused by an issue with the toilet flapper’s watertight seal. A way to spot silent toilet leaks is by noticing if extra water is going into the toilet bowl.

2. Silent Pipe Leaks:
If pipes are leaking, plumbing repair is a must. The main way to notice a silent leak in the pipes is that the water bill will suddenly show a dramatic increase. Besides spending excess money and wasting water, silent pipe leaks must be fixed for safety. If water is leaking between the walls, it can cause mold or mildew to grow. It can rot the wood of the building, as well.

3. Running Toilets:
Plumbing services may be required if there are malfunctioning toilets that keep running. Often, the cause of running toilets is a broken toilet flapper that makes the float unable to gauge the correct amount of water. This makes the toilet continually refill. Much like silent leaks, this issue can lead to wasted water and exorbitant bills.

4. Clogged Drains:
Unfortunately, some customers are not respectful of business restrooms. They may flush items they shouldn’t. When drains get clogged, plumbers can make sure they’re cleared and usable in no time. If the sinks or toilets in the business are clogged, it can be disruptive and create a negative customer experience. Keeping the restrooms working and clog-free is an integral piece of the overall impression customers may take away.

5. Sewer Odor:
This problem is one of the easiest plumbing issues to detect. It’s also one of the most urgent to repair. Sewer gas may be caused by simple, easy to fix issues. It may also signify a larger, more complex issue to repair. Whatever the cause, exposure to sewer gas can be dangerous and detrimental to health. Sewer gas is actually a mixture of gasses that, when combined, can be a fire risk and damage the body. If the smell of sewer gas is detected in the business, it’s best to get plumbers to assist. 

Contacting A Professional

Operational, safe restrooms are important. When plumbing issues arise in a business, professionals can help. Plumbing services are best left to those who know how to fix the issues and have experience in the field. Silver State Plumbing can aid with any repairs or maintenance required to keep the plumbing running smoothly. 


Donna Paul