A Frameless Shower Provides Style Benefits Over Framed Doors

 A Frameless Shower Provides Style Benefits Over Framed Doors

The shower catches the eye in any bathroom especially if there is no bathtub in the room. There are two main choices for the shower, either framed or frameless. Choosing frameless can help transform your bathroom into the oasis of your dreams.

Increased Options

Choosing frameless glass shower doors Dallas TX gives you access to more options for the style and look of the shower. Not only are there more styles than framed, but you can also customize the size and design because no frame is required. You can choose which direction the door opens, either in or out. A framed door limits the options you have.

Larger Feel

Make your bathroom feel open and larger with a frameless shower. Rather than seeing the framed shower, the frameless glass does not limit the view of the beautiful tile you selected. It provides the illusion of a larger bathroom by limiting the lines your eye catches. The limitless view allows you to incorporate the beauty of the shower into the rest of your bathroom décor.

Easy Cleaning

With no frame to clean, a frameless shower cleans easily. You simply clean around the hinges and the flat glass. A framed shower has lots of nooks and crannies that need special attention. The framed shower has seals that need careful cleaning to avoid causing the seal to shift down into the frame. A frameless shower can cut down on cleaning time and effort. Mildew and mold can’t hang around in a frame that isn’t there.

Bathroom Needs

Ultimately, choosing between a framed or frameless shower door depends on what works best for your bathroom space. A frameless shower can run more expensive than a framed one. When remodeling any room in your home, work to stay within your budget. A frameless shower is one easy way to expand the space, increase style and minimize cleaning in your bathroom.

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