About Us


People who have a roof over their heads are considered fortunate. We at UpHomes, fall into that category and we hope to make it bigger in the real world. Forming the panel at UpHomes – there are folks for digital marketing, strategists for problem solving, our writing fanatics who create exceptional content, opportunists who fail to give up despite rigorous trial and error methods for each product and finally, our loyal customers who spread the news far and wide thanks to our unparalleled services.

We are committed to unfailingly create, approve and advise based on our reports and profiles. Trust us, as we help you embark on the journey of finding what you love and aspire for. We will faithfully guide and lead you to some of the best finds only based on your approval and interest.

All our products; be it kitchen appliances, cleaning equipment or casual furniture are tested and tried, thus being performance certified and unhindered in effect.

Our independence to act and be who we are as honest personalities in a company is what keeps us going. Competition doesn’t matter because we are the most trusted and valuable sources of feedback in the market. A plethora of products, machines and services will help you in every minuscule way possible. Count us in to treat you best, because you deserve it!