Advice Before Hiring A Snow Plow

 Advice Before Hiring A Snow Plow

It’s already time to think about hiring a snow plow to take care of the entrance to the house this winter. Before making your choice, take a comprehensive look at the tips below.

Choosing A Snow Plow

To help you choose a snow plow you can trust, it is recommended that you:

  1. Ask your neighbors or relatives for the names of snow removal companies with which they were satisfied with.
  2. Contact several snow removal contractors to familiarize yourself with how to do it in your area.
  3. Find out about prices, payment methods and types of contracts. A serious company will answer your questions.
  4. Don’t trust the first comer, especially if they only give you a phone number as contact information. If there is a problem, you may have difficulty locating them.

Requesting A Contract

It is important that you always request a contract from the snow plow. You will have a record of your agreement. It will also be easier to assert your rights if you are not satisfied with its services. For the services of snow removal, check out

However, the contract does not have to be in any particular form unless you are dealing with an itinerant merchant. The contract should include, for example:

  1. The duration of the contract (fixed dates; from such date to such date)
  2. The precise amount of snow that requires snow removal
  3. The time before which the snow must be removed
  4. The place where the snow must be deposited
  5. Related tasks, such as spreading salt or sand, clearing access to doors
  6. The total price and the terms of payment

Check If The Snow Plow Has An Itinerant Merchant’s Permit

A snow plow engages in itinerant trade if he solicits you elsewhere than where his business is established to sell his services to you. This is the case, for example, if he shows up at your home without your asking him to do so. This type of seller must have a permit and provide you with a written contract.

In conclusion, you should know the rules concerning door-to-door operations. This merchant must have provide you with a statement that contains all the mandatory information. In addition, he cannot ask you or accept a deposit within ten days of signing the contract. Indeed, you benefit from this period to terminate your contract.

Donna Paul