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Best Sleeper Sofa 2018 – Best Selling Models and Reviews

Most of us at UpHomes Labs do not have big houses! So, we know the hardships when you have tried to set up a spacious living room. We too had that problem and there was one thing that helped us to fix the issues — sleeper sofa beds. Why not get the best sleeper sofa beds for your house? This type of furniture was a life-saver when we needed a combination of space as well as comfort. That is, we needed the comfort of sleep during the night, but couldn’t use those full-sized beds. Also, we wanted to accommodate the guests in a comfortable manner. To be frank, we had to spend lots of time in selecting the best sleeper sofa beds because we didn’t have UpHomes Labs to help us then.

So, when it came to doing the best sleeper sofa reviews, we were really back to those old days. We wanted to choose the best products for complete care. To do that, we first had to shortlist the better sleeper sofas from the huge collection. We talked with our friends and random customers of those products. Finally, once we had reduced the list size to 10, we did bring those sleeper sofas into our UpHomes Labs. More than 20 Hours were spent to test the functionality, sturdiness and build quality of the products, along with our impressions.

At the end, we can recommend the best sofa sleepers you will find on the market. First, we will have Quick Recommendations.

Best Sleeper Sofa – The Winners!!

Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Top Pick – EMILY Modern

EMILY Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set is the best sleeper sofa we can suggest, after hours-long reviews and analysis. We loved the product for the premium design, easier conversion set-up, and bigger dimensions.

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Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Best Buy – DHP Emily

If you are looking for the best-buy solution, though, DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon can be a superb decision. One of the most used and recommended sleeper sofas in the market, you get modern looks and features at a lower and affordable price.

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Best Sleeper Sofa Reviews 2018

Want to know more about these products and our top contenders? We will move onto our short and crispy Sleeper Sofa reviews by Uphome’s Expertise Team.

#1 EMILY Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper (Top Pick)

EMILY Modern Sofa Bed SleeperAs we said, EMILY Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set is the best sleeper sofa you’d ever come across in the market. We approached the product with double-mindedness but final impressions were just awesome. It’s available in a classy Vanilla White finish, which we found suitable for almost all living rooms and areas.

One thing we loved in this sleeper sofa in the comfort of sitting and sleeping. It’s amazing that the same feel of premium-touch is there in both cases. As the name says, EMILY has made use of Faux Leather for all sorts of upholstery. To back them up, you will find the Chrome-based legs. We also tested the sturdiness and it’s good to go with almost up to 600lbs in the Sofa mode and 350lbs in the Chaise Mode. Coming to dimensions, they are 70” x 30” x 15.4” in the Chaise function.

Amanda, our friend, bought EMILY Modern Sofa Bed Sleeper Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Set as a kind of alternative. She’s now using the same for full-time needs. She says that the sleeper sofa was truly a space-saver for her dream living-room. It’s a multi-functional sofa because you can use it for sofa sitting, lounge, chaise, and sleeper. If you have some money to invest, this is the best accessory for your living room or for a studio apartment.


#2 DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon (Best Buy)

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon

Available in the sub-$200 market, DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon is our best-buy recommendation sofa sleeper. This product is available in three different Style options — which are Chair, Futon, and Sectional. As per your requirement and space availability, you can make the choices. In all three, quality is assured.

DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon happens to be the most-used sleeper sofa in the market, with the best set of ratings as well. We were pretty confident while reviewing the products, and the results were just like those expectations we had. Talking of the design, the sofa set is made with Grey Linen upholstery. As we did see in the Top Pick, this product also makes use of Chrome legs. We must say, the quality of upholstery material is something you wouldn’t expect in the price range. The seat-cushion offers a thickness of 7 inches and the Pillow Back Cushion is 20” High. In the sleeper mode, it has dimensions of 70” x 30” x 15.5”, which is okay.

For the review, we had tried the Futon Style of DHP Emily Convertible Linen Futon. The conversion process is quick and it’s done in a few seconds or so. We really loved the experience with this multi-functional home appliance and we think it gets the job done for your common living room needs. The best part, it costs less than most products on our list.


#3 DHP Paris Futon

DHP Paris Futon

DHP Paris Futon is an impressive product in the medium-budget category. However, what you get are a pure classic finish and the premium perfection. It’s available in Navy, which is cool. We think the color is suitable for almost all homes out there. It came with a few features we hadn’t expected for the budget-standards.

First of all, DHP Paris Futon is available in three different finishes — Coral, Grey and Navy. Out of these, we’d reviewed the Grey variant. When we asked some aesthetics experts and our own senses, the finish is superb for almost all home environments. However, the unique feature of this sleeper sofa futon is the seating that is made of Independently Encased Coils. In our experience, it was offering a better level of comfort. Indeed, needless to say, the look is just premium and classy. The filling of DHP Paris Futon uses Polyester and Foam.

One thing we loved about the product is the sturdy design. The wooden frame is quite stronger than we had expected and the split-back design makes shape-changing quite convenient. In fact, during our sessions, we were really impressed by the quickness of function change. With the sleeping dimensions of 78.5” x 44” x 17.5”, we think the sleeping area is well-suited for adults and kids.


#4 Best Choice Products Leather Faux Fold Down Futon

Best Choice Products Leather Faux Fold Down Futon

Do you have a medium budget to invest in an effective sofa bed? Then, you should take a look at Best Choice Products Leather Faux Fold Down Futon. Despite falling into the semi-premium category, the performance is up to the mark. Before we begin, we need to comment on the classy look of the product. Whether in the form of the bed or a sitting sofa, we found it suitable for our living areas.

Just like our Top-Pick recommendation, Best Choice Products Leather Faux Fold Down Futon is powered by a Faux Leather layer, which is just awesome. The stitching is of high-quality and you won’t have trouble when it comes to removing dirt or water spills. Coming to its functionality aspect, this sleeper sofa is perhaps the most customizable choice. There was no trouble in converting this product into a twin sleeper, and you can choose the convenient back-level positions from 5 available choices.

We visited a few homes that had been using this product for a while. Everywhere, the product was in perfect sync with other furniture product — regardless the style. Along with the two-side handles, there are special cup holders as well. When converting into the sleeper, though, it expands the sleeping surface up to 71” x 41”. In short, Best Choice Products Leather Faux Fold Down Futon is perfect for almost all home-based needs.


#5 DHP Aria Futon

DHP Aria Futon

DHP Aria Futon is the fifth and last sleeper sofa we’d love to recommend. One of the best choices in the market, it’s available for an affordable price too. And, there were a few things that were out of expectations. First of all, DHP Aria Futon comes with a White Finish, despite using Faux Leather for construction. So, even though it looks like something else, the feel of touch is just superb. We also had a good time in the assembling aspect of the product.

The wooden frame used for the construction of DHP Aria Futon is just top-class. Not even once did we feel regret about purchasing the product. While converting the sitting sofa into a sleeper, there is plenty of area for adults. Thanks to the easier conversion method, we tried different angles and positions — everything is just as expected and deserved. Also, one thing we can say about DHP Aria Futon is the extra durability. When we asked our friends and colleagues who have been using this sofa bed, all of them are satisfied.

Sleeper dimensions of DHP Aria Futon are 69” x 32” x 29”, which we’d rate Just-Right. Go for this product if you need a well-looking futon with the best White finish you’d ever find. For whatever the amount you are paying, you get enough quality and durability. It, being a product from DHP, doesn’t compromise support & warranty either.

We hope now you have a good-to-go idea about the best sleeper sofa products in the market. In addition, it is necessary to know about these products before purchasing. Along with your personal preferences, you should consider the general aspects as well. Now, we will have a short and crispy introduction to the various types of sleeper sofas and the factors you should consider in choosing the best product. Shall we start with the introduction?


Best Sleeper Sofa — An Introduction

Best Sleeper Sofa 2017

There are times when we need all the comforts of sleeper beds but cannot afford much space. This happens if you are living in a studio apartment or a small home. You may be okay when you are alone in the house. But, the story changes when there are some guests at your home and you want to serve them well. It won’t be possible to make them comfortable on the floor, nor can you use some traditional beds. In our case, it is more or less a nightmare to have more guests to our houses — because we are always conscious about the availability of space to sleep. We hope you would also have had this concern in your mind — at least once in a while. Sleeper Sofas were introduced as a viable solution for this issue.

Sleeper Sofas are a particular type of furniture that may look like a normal sofa. However, inside the frame, it is possible to find a thinner or thicker layer of the mattress. If you are from the United States, you would be a bit more familiar with names like Bed-Couch, Sofa Bed, and Hide-a-Bed. As you can guess from these names, its major function is to hide a mattress inside a sofa. That is, with the single purchase, you can have the benefits of a dedicated sofa sitting and a sleeper bedding solution. Let’s take a real-life example to know the function-methods of a sleeper sofa.

Suppose you are living in a studio apartment, with a lot of space constraints. Once you have bought a sleeper sofa, you can use it for sitting in the day-time. If you are a professional, you can use it for working or just for casual sitting. Because these furniture appliances are packed with best-quality padding and inside filling, you get standard comfort. If you are ready to get one of the best sleeper sofa solutions, you can have the same comfort you’d see in dedicated sitting sofas. So, that’s how you deal with the sleeper sofas or sofa bed during day-time. When it’s time to sleep, however, you can make a quick shift to a semi-size or full-size sleeper. The sleeping area is too good in premium choices, which is a good thing. Most sleeper sofas are coming with a comfortable method of sofa-to-sleeper conversion. You can simply press some portion to release the major mattress. Although not as big as a dedicated mattress, you get plenty of sleeping space. From the viewpoint of an upcoming professional or a teenager, it’s a good thing.

The same uses will be in the scenario of a room as well. There are a few friends who use sleeper sofas instead of dedicated sleepers to save more space. In fact, Clint says that he has enough space for practicing after he had shifted to a sleeper sofa.

This is how you can get the best purposes out of a sleeper sofa. Obviously, there are many more advantages to having when you shift to a sleeper sofa solution. We will have a look at the major benefits, now. We hope they will help you choose better.

Notable Advantages of Sleeper Sofa

Let’s quickly move onto the sleeper sofa advantages that really matter.

  • Save Space

You already know about this advantage! As we have mentioned earlier, this can save a lot of space in your home. You will be able to use a sleeper sofa in your living room — if you are comfortable with sleeping in a living area — or in your bedroom. Regardless where you put it, you’d see the differences from the next day itself. Most of our friends are using this type of furniture in their apartments and small-sized homes. We’ve tried many of these products personally, and the results were commendable for sure. That’s the most noted and relevant advantage, we suppose. Also, check for- electric tankless water heater cost

  • Extra Comfort

There are people who love watching TV or gaming while they are lying down. If you are one of those, it’s an awesome thing to purchase one of the best sleeper sofas from the market. When you don’t feel like sitting, you can simply shift it into a lounge or sleeper and enjoy the extra comforter. A notable amount of people who we had talked to during the review were using their sleeper sofas for this purpose. After all, who would not love an extra take of comfort in the long run?

  • If You Have Guests, Often

Do you have people for sleep-over almost every day? Then, we’d say sleeper sofa is the perfect furniture to purchase. In a few seconds, you can convert the sofa into a standard sleeping solution. If you always have a bunch of friends at your house, we suggest going for a mattress-based sofa sleeper. It’s even cooler if you’d get a memory foam mattress for the sofa bed.

  • Lightweight

When compared to traditional sleepers, sofa sleepers are quite lightweight. You will find the weight below than 100lbs. While setting up or moving the equipment, you won’t have many troubles. Suppose two people are living in the apartment. You can easily move the sofa between your rooms. As a matter of fact, you can find sleeper sofas that are much lightweight than traditional sofa sets as well. It’s because manufacturers are using hybrid materials for construction of these products.

  • Durable

Last but not least, sleeper sofas are much durable than traditional counterparts. It is worth noting that you’d have a standard-quality sleeper sofa for a fraction of a full-sized sofa pricing. Even then, despite the use of hybrid construction materials, this furniture is just awesome and long-lasting. At least, you won’t have to be concerned about the replacement for a few years. For those who are setting up a temporary apartment, this is a great deal, we suppose.

Well, these are the major advantages you have when you purchase a sleeper sofa — often, instead of a full-sized sofa sitting. Apart from these, you get the benefits of sleek design and easier installation. It will not be necessary to seek a professional for installing the sofa in your living room or bedroom.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best Sleeper Sofa

But, purchasing the right product can be tiresome at times. At those instances, however, you can use the following checklist.

  • Sofa Sleeper Style: There are different types of sofa sleepers you can purchase. These are distinguished by the design type. We’ll have a look at the three major types to make the selection worthwhile.
  • Futon Style Sofa Sleepers: They are the most popular ones in the market. It works based on the simple method of sofa-to-sleeper conversion. This type of sofa beds is sleek, well-designed and consume an average amount of space in your living area or bedroom. It’s too casual and common for almost all homes if you are concerned about that.
  • Sleeper Chair Sofa Beds: They are the next type you can count in. When not expanded, this furniture is one perfect chair for sitting. As you can guess, the space requirement is very low, even for smallest rooms you may have. There are many sub-choices in this category, depending on the type of filling and use of padding. It’s the best option when you have a friend for sleep-over.
  • Pull-Out Couch: These Sleeper Sofas are the full-size versions of sleeper sofas. You can easily pull out the full-sized mattress from the sofa furniture part. What you see in the first look is a 3-Seater Sofa. This can be expanded to become a queen-sized bed. This is the best choice when you need a complete type of alternative for the bedroom sleeper.

In our list of recommendations, we have covered futon style and pull out couch sofa sleepers. What’s more, you can convert some of the recommendations to single-chair sofa beds too.

Construction Material

The construction material of the sofa sleeper is an important factor, regardless the pricing. It’s so because you’ll be using the product for everyday purposes. You can find sleeper sofas with different types of material such as polyester, cotton, and faux leather. In the above set of recommendations, we have brought the products with all the three types of filling. Obviously, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if we take the case of faux leather, you can have better cleaning options and extra firmness. Also, you must be taking into consideration the firmness of material. If you are buying the sofa bed for kids of adolescents, we will recommend softer fillings.

Types of Opening

Of course, you will have to adjust the sleeper sofa according to your requirement. For most of you, change is necessary when you shift from day to night. There aren’t many options for futon sleeper sofas. You will be able to choose power-open models and the Click-clack modes. In the former, you will have to press one button to bring the sofa into a full-sized sleeper. The latter requires a bit of manpower, though.


We already mentioned that sleeper sofas are affordable than other types in the market. Even then, you do not have binary choices in the aspect of sleeper sofa pricing. First of all, the final price depends on factors like the availability of features, opening type, construction material and the prominent category you are in for.

Well, these are the things to know before making a selection from our picks. If you are clear about your own needs, this would hopefully help you.

Wrapping Up – Best Sleeper Sofa

We hope you found our list of best sleeper sofas helpful. We had put more time on research and analysis for choosing these products. Because we knew it wasn’t only about what we felt. So, we visited a few friends’ homes and collected their opinion about the sleeper sofas they were using. Thankfully, some of them had recently to sofa sleepers from dedicated choices. According to what they said, this furniture is well-enough for addressing the issue of space constraints. But, after these hours-long reviews and learning, we think the best sofa sleeper is more than that. We found a perfect bond of sleek design and functionality in this type of products, if not for the build quality. The latest happening at UpHomes Labs is that many people from other departments are also shifting from traditional choices to sleeper sofas. They all love the extra space — like you do!

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