Budgeting for Portable Air Cooler Fan: Things You Have to Consider

 Budgeting for Portable Air Cooler Fan: Things You Have to Consider

When summer begins to come around, the one thing on most people’s minds is finding ways to keep cool. Summer heat can be pretty high, and it usually causes a lot of problems for people. One easy way to ensure your summer is comfortable is by investing in a portable air cooler fan. An air cooler fan will help you beat the heat and ensure you stay fresh all day and night. Now that you’ve decided to purchase a cooling fan, choosing one can be difficult. You need to consider some things that ensure you pick the ideal air cooler fan for you. Keep reading to discover the things you need to consider before making the purchase.

The Air Cooler Size

A vital factor you shouldn’t ignore when budgeting for a portable air cooler fan is the size. The size is quite important because it affects its efficiency in space and the price. Every air cooler fan size offers a certain amount of air in a room within a specific time. A factor used to decide how suitable an air cooler fan is the cubic feet per minute (CFM). The information it offers helps you determine the right size for your space. To effectively calculate this, multiply the space area in square feet by the ceiling height in feet. Next, divide whatever the product is by two.

Extra Features

An important consideration is the extra features the portable air cooler fan has to offer you. Each model comes with different features, and you need to consider the specification of the model you want. One vital feature to bear in mind is the pads’ thickness. The ideal thickness for cooling pads is 90mm. It helps you to get cooled air from the air cooling unit continuously.

Additionally, find out if the cooler comes with a speed regulator. When it has speed control, you can effectively control the fan speed to your preference. You should also look out for air coolers that don’t make much noise, like the traditional air conditioning unit.

Running Cost

Another essential factor when making your choice is the running cost of the portable air cooling unit. There are different models, and the running cost usually differs according to the model. When budgeting for a portable air cooler fan, ensure that the running cost falls within your budget to avoid future issues. Although portable air cooler fans do not require installation, check the power consumption before purchasing.

Paul Petersen