Choosing the Best Coffee Maker As Per Requirement Now

 Choosing the Best Coffee Maker As Per Requirement Now

Normally wash the coffee removing all the coffee and all the dust that is between one piece and another. Remember that the sludge can be reused in several ways, see below.

How to store ground coffee well

The coffee maker does no miracle if the coffee is not good and if it is not well maintained. The use of coffee maker is essential there now.

Coffee loses flavor if it is exposed to moisture, light and air. Therefore, when opening a package of ground coffee, place it in an airtight container made of glass (dark), tin or ceramic so that it does not absorb moisture or other aromas. It can be stored in the refrigerator or in the cupboard. The important thing is that it is in a well closed and dark container.

If your day doesn’t start without good coffee, you probably have a coffee maker that works every day at your home. Because it is a household appliance for recurring use, sometimes there is not much time to stop and give it a good clean.

Failure to clean the coffee maker properly can bring health risks, because the humidity and the high temperature it reaches can favor the growth and proliferation of bacteria.

For that not to happen to you, we are going to give you three recipes on how to clean the breville espresso coffee machine and leave it as new, removing residues of mineralized water, oils released by coffee and other impurities.

Water and baking soda

  • Dissolve 3 tablespoons of baking soda in 1 liter of water.
  • Put the mixture into the water tank of the coffee maker and turn it on to complete the cycle. So the water with the baking soda will boil and pass through all parts of the coffee maker.
  • The dirty water will come out of the jar and will take with it the residues that were deposited at the bottom of the tank.
  • Then repeat the same cycle, but with pure water, to remove residual baking soda. Wash the jar and let all components dry.
  • Repeat this procedure every 30 days.

Water, baking soda and vinegar

This procedure is very similar to the previous one. The difference is that in the recipe of the mixture four measures of warm water, one of sodium bicarbonate and one of vinegar are used.

Put this mixture in the coffee pot and place the filter as normal. Turn on the device to complete the cycle. After all the water has passed into the jar, throw it all away and wait for it to cool.

Wash all parts of the coffee maker with water and detergent and repeat the process, this time using pure water.

Sanitizing the jar

As much as it is washed every day, the glass jar can store coffee impurities. To end this, it is good to fill the container with two cups of ice, ¼ cup of table salt or coarse and ¼ of lemon juice.

Before putting all this in there, make sure the jar is cold so as not to risk cracking with the thermal shock. Now just shake everything and wash it afterwards.

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