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The Cloud of Smart Things for The Smarter Home

In the past few years, we had seen the rise of home appliances with the ‘Smart’ tag! While some of them were just for the sake of names, some products and services were excellent which makes your home actually SMART. Such devices truly modified the way we control our home and stay happy together. Now, all these have combined with each other and have opened something else — Internet of Things that is better known as IoT. Even when we keep the ‘Internet’ thing apart, we can now see a bunch of products connected through a single platform. That is, you can even set your Air Conditioner to be turned on if the thermostat detects unusual temperature outside.

Moreover, home improvement has become somewhat easier with these smart devices. In this post, we will discuss the different things you can do in the cloud of smart things. We won’t go detail into individual products, but you will have a clear idea about setting up the right Smart Home. We can also talk about the meaningful transitions from Electronics to Digital. Shall we start, then?

Converting your home into – The Smarter Home

#1 Controlling Things

Well, there are many products that let your different home appliances communicate with each other. The best part is that you can convert any old home to a smart one, using these products. You may have to place some controls behind switch-boards and that’s it. All the controlling can be done using your smartphone or some web-based interface. Just think of this situation. You had to leave home in a hurry and you’re not sure whether you have turned off the lights. Won’t that be cool if you can turn off the lights, fans or something else using the smartphone screen? Well, even a few years before, it was a part of Science Fiction. Now that you have many smart hubs and Internet of Things, it’s so common to deploy. And, this is one of the excellent methods you can use for getting better controls over your home appliances.

#2 Creating the Environments

How many of you are using electric fireplaces to create a natural feel while sitting at home? Well, as in the case of lighting, there are many methods for ambience creation. One set of products we had come across is the smart LED products. These bulbs can be connected to the Internet or your smartphone via Bluetooth. So, instead of turning off the physical switch, it is possible to touch your smartphone screen and make the changes. And, what’s more, you can have millions of possibility when it comes to lighting conditions. From the lighter ones to brighter ones and from blue-ish to red-ish, everything can be set using these seemingly-small but smart devices. So, if you are still using one of those normal CFLs, it’s time to change to the smarter, better and energy-friendly LED counterparts. And, yes, you can use apps like IFTTT to create superb recipe and use them for automated tasks. For example, you can turn on the lights when there is a call coming on the phone.

#3 Smart Surveillance and Safety

Surveillance and Safety are the biggest needs when you leave someone at your home — probably your pets. Moreover, it is good to keep your homes under your eye-sight, especially to stay away from robbers and other threats. And, the Cloud of Smart Things has made this possible, due to many reasons. First of all, we can take the case of smart surveillance system you can purchase. Instead of just showing you the images or videos, these devices can understand what is happening at your home. And, you will be notified if there are some unusual activities like human presence. Thanks to all those sensors and on-time methods for data syncing, keeping your home safe is an easy task in this smart world. Some of the cameras also come with the power of appliance control. For instance, if your pet is playing with some heating substance, you can turn it off.

#4 Let’s Change Locks

Are you still using those old, traditional, key-based locks to protect your home from thieves and trespassers? It’s high-time to change it and adopt something smart for the days to come. Just look at the market and you will find plenty of products for smart security. Instead of carrying the keys around, you will be able to use your finger for accessing your home. Indeed, this makes things simple and effective in the long run. Also, these doors can be connected to the Internet of Things. So, in a shorter step, you have all the benefits of remote controls, on-time notifications etc. We have been seeing people who’d love to move onto this step. As a matter of fact, despite the primary hardships for adaptation, this mode of locks is very cool and confident. When you are the home owner, you don’t have to worry about anyone stealing your keys and getting hands on the valuable — it’s all digital.

#5 Smart Cooking

Gone are days when you had to keep in mind the best temperature for all the dishes. Let it be about using a cooker or an oven — the smart devices have made things awesome in the first look. We can consider the case of smart ovens. Using a bunch of these devices, you can have the best dishes in the superb environment. Instead of choosing the temperature and timings by yourself, you can just click the button for desired food. Meanwhile, the oven itself will choose the best settings for awesome taste. It’s worth noting that most customers are adapting to this change. If you take a look at, you will spot at least one of these smart cooking appliances in most kitchens. There is even a smart water heater you can use. Just think like this. You wake up, open the smartphone app and give the heating settings. And, when you reach the bathroom, hot water is ready to consume. This is what the simplicity of IoT means for commons.

#6 Robots, They Are Cool

Another time to get rid of the borders of Science Fiction. Robots are real, and they are there for home improvement too. In the current scenario, you can have robots for varying purposes. While one lets you clean the floor, another one will be for mopping your house. The best part is that these devices can understand the type of waste/dirt and act accordingly. It is to be noted that you may need some time to get used to the Robot culture. But, when you are, you will never have to worry about the cleaning or related stuff. And, if you are ready to spend more, there are advanced robots for all needs. It is possible to have one for lawn mowing while another one is for social interaction (!)

#7 Those Digital Assistants

Last but not least, we have the digital assistants that have been transformed to tangible devices. The best examples we’d take are Amazon Echo and Google Home. These devices can make your life better in many ways. You are lying on the bed and wants to switch on the TV or view some videos. You can just ask Echo to do that, and you’re done. To make this thing possible, Echo — or, any other smart assistant, for that matter — creates a cloud of smart devices. In the end, when you look back, you will be wondering for sure. And, that’s how IoT has made its way into our lives.

Summing Up

What do you think about these smart things you can use for a smarter home? At least some of you will be suspicious. It’s natural, especially if you have seen films like Ex Machina. But, most people are on the bright side and they are getting the best out of all these technological developments. One thing is that all these things are environment-friendly and does not cost lives. What else do you expect from a smart world and smart home?

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