Epoxy Metallic Garage Floor Coatings: More Than Just A Floor

 Epoxy Metallic Garage Floor Coatings: More Than Just A Floor

Over the years there have arisen a myriad of flooring innovations that have defied what most homeowners thought was even remotely possible. From basic concrete, to stylish wooden flooring, the options were seemingly endless. But that was just literally scratching the surface as far as flooring is concerned. In recent times there has emerged new trends in flooring and epoxy metallic garage flooring like what is offered at https://www.garageflooreffects.com/metallic-coatings/, that are promising to completely revolutionise traditional approaches to home renovation.

What The Fuss Is About

You simply have to see it to believe it; otherwise you may never come to know this interesting, glamorous and novel high-tech trend in flooring. Metallic epoxy floor coatings generate a profoundly glossy floor that has an assortment of visual effects and colors. And if you experiment a little further, you’ll come to be introduced to 3D effects that create impressions and illusions of winding rivers, craters and other exciting features that are simply mind-blowing!


Residential and industrial flooring of this kind is mostly applied in quite a number of layers, depending of course on the purpose for which it is sought. Visual effects imbedded in the layers can be infused depending on the additives and colors in individual layers. Metallic epoxy floors are created using pigments of metal, which are miniature, glittering pigments contained in the epoxy resin, which attract light. There are various options, from matte finish and glossy, to vinyl chips that create the trending flake or mineral flooring designed to imitate natural stone.

Installation involves different techniques tailored to achieve that metallic effect that is unique to epoxy flooring. One method is to infuse the metallic pigments with an industrial grade brush or roller, which causes them to twist, turn and eventually amalgamate to reflect light from different angles. Another method involves the use of denatured alcohol to disperse these metallic pigments all the way through the surface before it dries. Other methods make use of a leaf blower to achieve the same effect, whilst other ones blend several shades of color to generate a more distinctly unique finish.


Lasting Durability

One aspect that is impossible to ignore when it comes to metallic flooring is its exceptional durability. This makes this suitable for nightclubs, retail stores and other surfaces exposed to high human traffic.

Ease Of Maintenance

Another clear advantage epoxy flooring has over other floor surfaces is that they are easy and cheap to clean. All that is required is a soft bristle broom to remove dirt, a mop and mild detergent to wash the floor clean, water for rinsing, and a dry cloth for a shiny finish.


The only drawback is perhaps the fact that metallic flooring is a bit costly to apply. However, this is a negligible con as, once applied, lasts for a lifetime.

Metallic garage floor coatings continue to evolve with each passing day. So rather than just hearing about them from the grapevine, have one applied to your home or business floors and experience what modern sophistication truly is.

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