Everything to know about the underwater cables

 Everything to know about the underwater cables

There are a lot of power demands across the world, The country with abundant natural resources will establish the power station. The countries with greater power shortage will request for the power resources. The power will be shared after the contract has been signed. The power stations are also established by both the countries. These underwater cables will transmit the power to large distance power stations. The underwater cables are the major advantage to the countries with no resources to generate the power.  The underwater cable is the long process which will employment to lots of contract workers.

Structure of underwater cable

The underwater cables are thicker than the original cable. The underwater cable is made with special type copper material. The copper is greater than the width of a normal copper conductor. The copper will transmit the  electricity seamlessly. The insulators are made with triple width insulated materials called cross linked polyethylene. The entire cable is coated with low viscous fluids, which is mineral oil or synthetic oil. The entire cable is surrounded by material extracted from paper. The armoring material is another layer  surrounding the entire cable. There are separate cables for handling alternate and direct current is different. The direct current cables are more strong than alternating current cable. The underwater cable is triple layered architecture which is very costly to manufacture.

Connecting power sources with these underwater communication cables

The underwater cables can be directly laid in the seabed. The cost of the underwater cable is very high. So some providers will provide the solutions such as the power cables are connected with the communication cables. These communication cables  will transmit the power the same as the communication signal. For this process the agreement between the power providers and communication providers should be signed between them. The analysis includes the simulation for embedding these two cables. The demo transmission should also be done to ensure secure and efficient transmission. The electrical wire can easily connect with communication cable  for effective transmission for power.

 Direct cable connection process

The power cables can be directly laid . This is the enormous process because the underwater cable is very lengthy. The laying process is divided into segments. These segments are assigned to different providers. This includes a lot of paperwork to complete the process. The contract is released by both the governments. The contract is bided by experience providers by low value quotes. The providers employ the employee to join these segments and safely laid in the

Testing the power transmission

Once the connection is established the testing process should be done. The power transmission between the two power stations will not start once the testing is done. The testing is done in regular intervals. The underwater cable testing is done by efficient electricians from both the countries.

Final Words

The underwater cables are very high in cost . The underwater cable is carefully handled by eminent electricians to make transmission effectively. The  quality of the underwater cables should be very standard and it has to serve for two power stations located in distant sites.

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