Everything You Want To Know About Designing The Office

 Everything You Want To Know About Designing The Office

The office building is considered to be a great icon of the 20th century. These towers and complexes symbolize the social, technological, and financial progress, and economic activity, of a place. These buildings are also a concrete reflection of a thoughtful change in occurrence of employment patterns over the past century.

The office design can have a dramatic impact on personnel contributions of employees that represents a major share of the overall cost of a service organization.  If you are planning to design an office, then here are some of the important components that you should consider.

Integrated design

Your building should benefit from an “integrated level of design” and focus on meeting a specified list of objectives. The integrated design offers users, and owners with higher level of worker contentment, increased productivity, better health, more energy, greater flexibility, and environmental performance.

Stendel Reich is a renowned architecture firm that provides construction services for Industrial, Office, and Commercial, Institutional, and Residences areas.

Building Attributes

An office building should have innovative and flexible working environments. It should make employees feel safe, comfortable, and healthy. The place you choose should be aesthetically-pleasing, easily accessible, and durable. Your office design should be able to accommodate specific equipment, and space as per the requirement of the employees.

To make the place appealing to people, Stendel Reich commercial architects pay special attention to the selection of art installations, and interior finishes especially in conference rooms, entry spaces, and other regions that have public access.

Types of Spaces

An office building includes various spaces to fulfill the requirement of visitors and staff. It includes:

Office Spaces

  • Offices can be either semi-private or private visually, or acoustically.
  • Conference Rooms

Employee or Visitor support spaces

  • Convenience Store, Vending Machines, or Kiosk,
  • Lobby or a centralized area for building schedules, general information, and directory
  • A commonplace for multi-purpose recreation, social gathering space or informal gatherings
  • Dining Hall, or a Cafeteria
  • Restrooms or Private Toilets
  • Physical Fitness Area
  • Child Care Centers
  • Surface Parking Areas

Administrative Support Spaces

It comprises of administrative offices that can be either semi-private or private acoustically and visually.

Maintenance, and Operation Spaces

  • General Storage Space for storing items that include equipment, instructional materials, and stationery.
  • Kitchen
  • Computer or Information Technology Closets
  • Maintenance Closets


The design of an office construction plays a major role in enhancing the productivity of a workplace. Implement these important tips to create an appropriate office design to suit your objectives.

Sherry Dowell