Fun facts about doors

 Fun facts about doors
  • Doors are considered a symbol of deliverance and hope. Open doors have a salient feature of signifying new journeys or beginnings, whereas a closed-door suggests a missed opportunity. Dreams of doors hold great significance as well.
  • According to studies, more than 1/3rd of thieves break in through the front door of the house as they can be easily broken down. This is why it’s important to have skilled craftsmen from reputed companies like MD Portes et Fenetres install your door. Old doors and ancient locks can be easily wrought or damaged. It’s best to keep yourself updated with modern features that consists of sturdy locks and durable material. Metal is the best choice for doors. 
  • Janus is the Roman God who is known for beginnings, endings, and transitions. As a sign of reverence, residents of Rome design their doors in such a way that it swings inside as if to welcome God in.  
  • January is derived from the Roman God Janus, which is why the first month of the year is named after him. Pretty cool, huh?
  • The Egyptians were pioneers in lock making. The original model was made around 4000 years ago. Linus Yale further propagated the use of locks with keys.
  • Doors in Ireland are supposed to be very colorful. Apparently, when Queen Victoria passed, the Irish painted the doors black to represent a period of mourning. Funnily enough, the rebels opted for brighter colors. What an uncanny way of voicing your thoughts, isn’t it?
  • Large doors are a majestic sight in castles and mansions but the largest one yet is 456 feet. They are used at the NASA’s vehicle assembly building at the Kennedy space center. 
  • Ever wonder what the largest moving object in a house might be? Well, its garage doors, which also make it the most vulnerable space for freak accidents. 
  • As doors and Rome have such an intimate history, if a Roman did his country proud, he would be venerated with a door opening outwards, signifying his service to the homeland.
  • This should come of no surprise to anyone but if a door is slammed with force, it denotes an angry encounter.
  • The oldest door in all history was excavated in Switzerland. It is estimated to be 5100 years old, gauging by the aging of wood. 
  • Romans would engrave images of phallus on their house doors as a symbol of fertility.
  • The entrance door to one’s house is designed keeping the principles of Feng shui in mind. 


Sherry Dowell