How Salt Water Softener Works?

 How Salt Water Softener Works?

There are three important actions to the salt water softener:

  • Backwashing Stage: This eliminates dust from the mineral tank and is part of the regeneration process
  • Regrowth Stage: The mineral tank is recharged with salt from the brine tank service, as well as displaces magnesium, as well as calcium, which is after that cleaned down the drainpipe during the backwashing stage.
  • Rinse Stage: The mineral storage tank is washed with fresh water and lots the brine tank to ensure that it awaits the next cycle.

As water goes through the mineral container, the positively billed magnesium and calcium ions are lost to negatively-charged plastic beads. The saltwater tank holds a service of water and salt that flushes the mineral container, as well as replaces the magnesium and calcium ions with salt. Charging cycles are managed by the meter on the top of the tank; it generally takes seven days.

The Benefit of Programmable Head Qualities of Salt Water Softener

  • Strong state microprocessor with easy front panel setups
  • Three modes of operation: Meter Delayed, Meter Immediate, Time Clock Postponed
  • Double backwash function, offering maximum regrowth, performance, and cleaning.
  • Thirty-six selectable pre-programmed regrowth cycles
  • Days override included 1 to 28 days readily available
  • Backwash, as well as bringing capacity to the diameter of 21” containers
  • Downflow regeneration
  • Stores the system setup, as well as non-volatile memory data of operation
  • Back-up of battery with as much as 8-hour power rollover
  • 12 Volt transformer supplies safe as well as simple installation
  • Provides optimal service and backwash rates
  • Deals with water refill

How Does it Work?

  • Meter Immediate: When the Water Quantity Remaining display gets to absolutely no gallons, a regeneration cycle will get started promptly.
  • Meter Delayed: When the Water Quantity Remaining display screen has reached no gallons, a regeneration cycle will get started on the pre-programmed Time of Day chosen during setup, for example, 1:00 am.
  • Time Clock Delayed: When the shutoff reaches its collection regeneration, a regeneration cycle will be launched at the preset Time of Day chosen during configuration. This occasion occurs despite the Water Quantity Remaining screen having actually gotten to zero gallons.


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