How to Take Care of Your Furniture

 How to Take Care of Your Furniture

Furniture is one of the largest expenditures for an average homeowner. 

The cost of furnishing your dwelling is quite expensive and therefore, it is important to take care of your furniture. The maintenance and cleaning extend the life of your sofas, tables and storage options. 

Most households use wood furniture. Wooden furniture, with its retro charm, adds to the aesthetic sense of your home. Any wooden piece can be alluring. To keep them in top shape, maintenance is essential. 

Here are some tips that will guide on the cleaning and maintenance of your furniture. 


Whether it’s your sofa or bed, make sure to dust your wooden furniture more often. A regular dusting will not let the dirt settle on the furniture to form a layer that would stick to it. Always use a moist piece of cloth so that it can remove the dust as opposed to spreading it to the air. Lambswool dusters are ideal for ornate carvings or hard to reach areas as they effectively remove dust. 

(CAUTION: Make sure to wear an allergy-proof mask while dusting your furniture. If you are allergic to dust, make sure to take shower immediately after cleaning dust.)

Protecting Wood:

Generally, polishes and sprays come with either petroleum distillates or silicone oil for a shiny finish. 

But avoid going overboard with such cleaners as they can create buildup that attracts dirt to create a sticky film. Make sure to wipe off the surface while using products to prevent this buildup. One more thing—avoid use wax protector as they can create a sticky mess. 

Fixing Wear and Tear:

Wood furniture is prone to damages even with the best care. For minor scratches and nick, you can use certain scratch cover polishes. These liquid polishes camouflage scratches, retrieving the wood’s original beauty. If the damage is beyond such simple solutions and you can’t afford to replace it with a new one, you can get it painted. This way, it can last some good years. 

Deodorizing Them:

Sometimes vintage pieces start developing an unpleasant odour, especially if they haven’t been used for a long time. Luckily, the solution is simple. 

Just sprinkle some baking soda to freshen them up. Or you can place a pan of charcoal inside drawers to remove smells that occurring from inside. 

Getting Rid of Tough Stains:

Despite the best cleaning, sometimes your gorgeous wood furniture gets stained. This is especially true for your living room furniture that is exposed to tea, beverages, pets and kids. 

The only thing you can do is to remove it as soon as possible. This is because it will be harder to remove over time. Here’s how you can get rid of some common stains on furniture:

  • For rings from wet glasses, mix toothpaste and baking soda in an equal ration. Rub them on the stain using a brush. Afterwards, wipe off the furniture and use a dry cloth to buff it. 
  • To remove dark spots from water damage, use a “vinegar-soaked” cloth to wipe off the stain. 
  • For crayon marks, apply mayonnaise over the spots. Wait for a couple of minutes. Rub it with a damp cloth and buff with a dry cloth

Protecting Them from Environmental Damages:

Sunlight, heat and other factors can damage your fine wood. The direct sunlight can fade the piece of furniture. Therefore, they should be placed away from such things. Don’t place them in front of uncovered vents, fireplaces and windows. 

So these are some tips to protect your furniture. With these tips, it is easy to take care of your valuable furniture to maintain its beauty and extend its life as well. What do you think? Let us know by commenting below! 

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