Hybrid Flooring – The Perfect Timber Look Flooring for Home

 Hybrid Flooring – The Perfect Timber Look Flooring for Home

People always want to give their home a perfect look and look attractive towards others and flooring can be a great factor in it. Mirage hardwood flooring portland or can make your home space look instantly more luxurious, cosier, warmer, cooler, and more intimate. It can easily grab any person’s attention and put a positive impression of you and your home on other’s minds.

Where you can find the perfect flooring company?

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About Flooring options

There are various flooring options for you to make your house better looking and grab other’s attention. However, the most effective one nowadays is Best Hybrid Flooring. It is the latest innovation that provides both the combined benefits of laminating and vinyl to get a perfectly durable, stylish, and waterproof floating floor.

The hybrids are made up of multiple layers that finally provide an extremely hard-wearing floor that can be suitable for both residential and commercial places.

The different layers of it are:

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  • Attached cork Backing: it offers exceptional acoustic and comfort underfoot at a low cost.
  • Design layer: it is the designer layer that provides a realistic and attractive look of timber texture.
  • Wear layer: it is treated with a UV layer so that it provides durability and resiliency.
  • Rigid inner core: it composts a limestone composite core that makes the floor durable and resistant to the temperature changes.

Advantage of hybrid flooring

There are various benefits of choosing hybrid flooring over the other flooring designs that make it worthier to choose. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Durability: due to its advanced layers it is more durable as compared to the other flooring designs. It is stain, dent, and scratches free which make it the perfect option for busy households.
  • Waterproof: it can be a perfect and ideal choice for bathrooms, kitchens, etc that are more exposed to water moisture. As it can stay immersed in water for weeks without being swelled.
  • Aesthetic look: it can copy the solid texture of the timber providing the room a perfect aesthetic and traditional look.
  • Resistant for extreme weather: due to its multilayer it suits even in harsh sunlight and extreme temperature.
  • Easy to clean: it doesn’t need any special care and cleaning with simple sweeping and vacuum cleaner, you can keep your floor clean and beautiful for several years.
  • Soundproof: Unlike the other floor designs that make sound while walking due to its cork backing, the hybrid flooring doesn’t make any sound and make steps lighter and more comfortable.
  • Eco-friendly: it is eco-friendly towards the environment as it doesn’t contain any unbiodegradable substance instead it consists of limestone, recycled wood, and bamboo dust, and virgin PVC.


If you want durable and waterproof flooring with perfect timber texture then hybrid flooring is the best option for you.

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