Importance of an Aircon Chemical Wash Cleaning

 Importance of an Aircon Chemical Wash Cleaning

If you find that there are certain issues with your air conditioning system, such as the emitting of bad odors or leakages, you will definitely need to have the aircon checked to locate the areas that are damaged. Rather than doing the task yourself, you can have it done by professionals. With the right chemical washing processes, they can complete the whole task before you know it.

In some cases, your aircon may be undergoing regular overhauls, but you can still find issues in your aircon. If so, a proper chemical wash, which comprises a deeper cleaning process as compared to the general overhauling, may be required.

Air conditioning provides thermal comfort in buildings, but if it is damaged, it can also be a source of health, environmental and economic issues. The overconsumption of energy and poor cooling performance can be the consequence of poor maintenance of air conditioning systems. When it comes to aircon chemical wash services, compare quotations and prices before choosing a professional service provider.

What is an aircon chemical washing process?

Although many people assume that a chemical wash process is like a wash done with soap and water, it is actually different, as it is extremely in-depth and completed by professionals with specialized skills. Instead of soap, special chemicals are used in the deep cleaning process. The deep cleaning also has high penetration levels that helps to dissolve material density to ensure that your aircon is completely clean.

Pricing Guide for an Aircon Chemical Wash

Different kinds of chemical cleaning have different kind of pricing based on the number of fancoils in an aircon unit. Below isa short list for reference:

  • 1 Fan-coil Aircon Unitcosts $80 for one time service
  • 2 Fan-coilAircon Units cost$150for one time service
  • 3 Fan-coilAircon Unitscost $210for one time service
  • 4 Fan-coil and more Aircon Unitscost $65 per unit for one time service
  • When it comes to 5 Fan coil units, asking for a quotation is the best option.

Other than that, for the inspection process, the charges are generally free and a 90 day warrantee is usually given.

The air conditioning system is made up of numerous conduits and pipes which ensure the circulation and distribution of air throughout the building. Depending on the system and the technology used, the devices either use the air that comes from outside to supply the interior of the buildings, or they recycle the air that circulates inside the premises.

In either case, the air must be purified before being redistributed in the different rooms. To do this, the aircon system often has several filters through which the air must pass to be rid of dust and bacteria.

However, the ducts may often become clogged, and the dirt which settles on the walls constitutes nests of bacteria which could eventually find their way into the system. It is therefore essential to carry out regular cleaning of the air conditioning to ensure the quality and safety of the air that will be rejected into the building.


Fixed, portable, wall or central… No matter the type of aircon, air conditioning systems must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Whether it’s the central air conditioner, an aircon model generally encountered in industrial premises, offices or homes, each of them requires specific care and maintenance for the best performance.

Sherry Dowell