Is Spray Foam Insulation An Appropriate Choice For Your Basement?

 Is Spray Foam Insulation An Appropriate Choice For Your Basement?

When selecting the type of insulation you should go for each part of the house, you will receive many different recommendations. This is because there are numerous types of insulation available, and each of them is ideal for different purposes. Many insulation contractors would also encourage you to adopt different types of insulation to get the maximum benefit from your investment. Foam Insulation is one of the various types of insulation services that you can choose. These are used for various purposes, like using for basement insulation. But is foam insulation the right choice for your basement? Let’s find out.

Foam insulation is very popular these days. Various reasons can be attributed to the driving forces for this. Some of the benefits which make foam insulation the ideal choice for insulation services for the basement are:

·       Complete air sealing:

Foam insulation leaves zero gaps and air pockets which ensures that no air can pass through, and the insulation serves its purposes amazingly. By reducing air gaps, it prevents any heated air from finding the space to escape.

·       Quick Setting:

You may have seen various videos of spray foam insulation sprayed into the walls and its hardening and setting instantly. While those videos are usually sped up, the fact remains that foam insulation does set relatively fast. Once sprayed, it blows up into a thick layer rather quickly, which serves the purpose of insulation.

·       More comfortable:

Since spray foam insulation is so excellent at closing gaps and preventing air from escaping, it naturally offers a more comfortable environment within the home at all times. An even dissipation of heated air or cool air can be expected from this type of insulation.

·       No Condensation:

Spray foam insulation prevents the entrance of seepage of moisture. Thus preventing any condensation from taking place in the layer of insulation. This extends the life as well as the efficiency of the insulation. Which ultimately proves to be better for the pocket.

·       Cost-effective:

Not just in terms of installation but also in the long run. Spray foam insulation is a fantastic choice for saving costs. How? Well, by preventing any leakage of the heated air, the insulation drives down electricity costs as well. Since a lot of people get insulation for this very purpose, foam insulation automatically becomes the ideal choice.

While many contractors are all for spray foam insulation, there are specific cautions that you must observe when using this stuff. For starters, spray foam insulation is made up of toxic chemicals. As such, its proper installation and use are necessary. While spraying in the foam insulation, the contractors must always wear protective gear, which would prevent any of the particles from going into their system through their hands, eyes, or nose. This also means that even if you think it is simple, this process should only be done by a licensed professional with the proper equipment. Foam spray may have long-term health effects on certain people as well, which makes it essential to do proper research about whether or not they are the correct choice for your needs.

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