Options For Main Doors and Door Suppliers In Singapore

 Options For Main Doors and Door Suppliers In Singapore

In wood, aluminium, PVC or steel, the entrance door is available in 

Doors come in many different forms and materials. Wood, Aluminium, PVC or Steel are just a few examples. They can also be easily customisable, being able to exist in various styles to satisfy all tastes. Bold colouring and additional features like a glass section or an integrated letterbox are available to give doors an added flavour and feature. 

Homeowners on a budget might not necessarily want to look for the cheapest option available. Instead, it is important to invest in cost-effective and long-lasting products. Depending on the regional environment and climate, several factors contribute to the price point of the door from the construction to the renovation process, therefore it is important to choose a reliable door supplier in Singapore.

Safety, the key to a good front door

As your main entry point into a house, the door must have all the qualities necessary to ensure the safety of the inhabitants. It is the main access to your home. You, and all your guests, are greeted by the door. 

Security is an important criterion for the purchase. The door design itself would contribute to the layers of security it provides as door security depends on a myriad of factors such as the lock, the type of cylinder, the number of locking points, the reinforcement of the panel, etc. As a general rule of thumb, the basic security demands met with a few basic features:

  1. An anti-theft & lock-picking mechanism
  2. A safety cylinder
  3. Amonobloc design more than 70 mm. 

Other aspects can be included for higher or lower needs of security. The barrel (or cylinder), the mechanical system in which the key is placed, has differing levelsof quality. The glazing process should also be taken into account. Locking mechanisms are internally laminated with a sheet of glass and a plastic sheet, resistant in case of infringement. When the glazing breaks, the broken glass mechanism remains in place.

Keys can come in the form of key cards, which cannot be copied or duplicated. Having a unique key card can add another layer to the security. 

A well-placed front door

A proper installation process is essential to ensure that you have a viable front door. The last thing you would want is for your door to be full of problems every time you enter or exit your home. 

There are certain rules in place that homeowners and contractors need to follow.

In Singapore, all contractors need to be registered under the directory of renovation contractors.

It is recommended that your door be installed by a professional door contractor, especially in renovation projects where the installation process is more complex. The quality of an entrance door comes down to its installation and design, both splitting the responsibility of the door’s condition.

When well installed, the door is sturdy and reliable. 

Proper installation ensures a pleasant experience when opening and closing your main door, giving a good start and end to your tedious and tiring day at work. 

Choosing a door supplier in Singapore

It is important to find a reliable door supplier in Singapore.

The contractors are fully responsible for the contractual demandsand the quality of their works. If there are any discrepancies on the pricing or quality of the renovation, both parties need to resolve the matter privately. 

If the matter cannot be settled amicably, you can seek assistance through CASE, Singapore Mediation Centre or the Small Claims Tribunal. Alternatively, you can pursue for compensation through court proceedings.

These are manyavailable options now. All you need to do is to contact us for you to be able to make a more informed choice.

Clare Louise