Planning to buy a Crushed Velvet Sofa? Here’s how you can do that

 Planning to buy a Crushed Velvet Sofa? Here’s how you can do that

Crushed velvet sofa is a sophisticated spin on typical velvet sofa, with a distinct texture and gleaming finish. Crushed velvet gets its ‘crushed’ look by twisting the cloth while it’s still wet or pressing the pile in various directions.Crushed velvet has resurfaced as a fashionable fabric for everything sofas in recent years.

Let’s take a look at some Crushed Velvet Sofas buying advice:

  • Comfort Level– Velvet is a very soft fabric. This means the seat is made up of a combination of foam and fibre, making the couches pleasant and supportive while also recovering when the seat is vacated.
  • Synthetic Velvet– Synthetic velvet, constructed from high-quality polyester, is less prone to fading and marking. As a result, you get the actual velvet look and feel with enhanced protection. Cleaning and maintaining a velvet sofa is simpler than you might believe. When cleaning, aim to act as soon as the spill or mark happens for the best results.This is because velvet is much easier to clean before the stain penetrates the foundation material. All you need is a soft cloth and some warm soapy water, which you should rub in a circular motion with. Then, either air dry the material or use a hair dryer to expedite the process.
  • Aesthetics-Due to the properties of the fabric, velvet instantly gives a place a richer aspect and style. A velvet sofa’s colour has a lot more depth than a simple cotton or linen fabric. This gives the colour a beautiful depth. Velvet goes well with a variety of finishes, from slick brass and matte black to gleaming gloss and chrome.
  • Durability-When it comes to choosing a sofa for your house, practicality and durability go hand in hand. Velvet is especially hard to snag because there are no stray threads or high weaves to catch on buttons or zips. Many polyester velvets are stain-resistant, so minor stains from food or dirt can be easily brushed away.
  • Choice of colours-Velvet has a beautiful tactile quality to it. Who can resist running their touch over this luxurious fabric? As a result, luxurious crushed velvet sofas and furnishings have a really pleasant and inviting feel to them, making them an excellent choice for creating a pleasant living room atmosphere. Crushed Velvet sofas are also available in a number of colours and patterns, making it even easier to match with your existing decor.

While it is suggested that food and beverages be kept away from crushed velvet sofas, we understand that accidents do occur. If a spill occurs, gently dab the affected area with a dry absorbent cloth to remove the majority of the stain. To avoid damaging the crushed velvet fabric, always consult a professional upholstery cleaner if in doubt.

Clare Louise