Remodeling your kitchen? Don’t miss these aspects!

 Remodeling your kitchen? Don’t miss these aspects!

Even the best kitchens have to be remodeled and renovated at some point. If your kitchen theme and components are over a decade old, you may consider this as your new renovation project. There are numerous companies like Kitchen Wholesalers that have ready cabinets and units that can be delivered and installed immediately, so you don’t have to wait for weeks either. In this post, we are sharing a few tips that homeowners must know about kitchen renovation.

Plan, plan, and plan some more

Remodeling the kitchen may require more money than you expect, and the best way to keep a tab on the budget is to plan things well. Start by creating a memo of what you really require and the issues with your current design and layout. The purpose of kitchen renovation should be about addressing existing problems, and that’s a good way to start. Next, decide if you want to hire an interior expert or get things done at your end. The budget should be practical, but it’s always a wise idea to keep at least 10 to 15% of the same separately for possible contingencies.

Don’t forget heights, textures and maintenance

A fancy kitchen is every homeowner’s dream, but you don’t want to spend on things that are just there for aesthetic purposes. For example, if you go for white surfaces for cabinets, maintenance could be an issue, especially if you use kitchen extensively every day. Similarly, all appliances, cabinets should be placed at comfortable heights, so that you can reach everything when required. Textures and finishes should be selected based on existing décor elements, unless you want a completely contrast theme for the kitchen.

Deciding on kitchen island and countertops

Countertops, worktops and kitchen island are necessary, but it also depends on the space available. For instance, in a very small apartment kitchen, you can go for an elongated worktop on one side, instead of a kitchen island. Countertops must be durable and easy to maintain. White marble, for example, is not the best choice because marble is porous and prone to staining. Consider other choices, such as quartz and granite, which are durable, extremely fashionable and meant to be used extensively.

Finally, make sure that you evaluate all choices. Your kitchen has to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, so do your homework and spend on things you really need. You can always check online for designs and ideas.

Paul Petersen