Simple Tips to Cool Your Home Efficiently

 Simple Tips to Cool Your Home Efficiently

The cost of powering your home’s HVAC system can represent a considerable monthly expense for a lot of homeowners. This is particularly true of people who live in Florida’s hot and humid climate. Cooling your home efficiently can help you control your monthly energy usage.

Insulate Your Home

Insulation can fortify your home against the brunt of the sun’s midday intensity. The top level of your home should have a protective barrier of insulation material that helps hot air stay out and cool air stay in.    

Close Shades

Natural light is high on a lot of homebuyers’ wishlists, but too much light pouring your home on a hot day can raise the temperature dramatically. Be sure to keep your shades drawn whenever you aren’t actively using a room to avoid raising the temperature unnecessarily.

Be especially attentive to rooms that have a thermostat in them to avoid tripping the system to switch on because an isolated area is getting direct sunlight. Also, plan your kitchen window coverings strategically because that’s one room in your home where you’re likely to be generating additional heat. Running large appliances like a fridge or using your oven can make for a really sweltering kitchen when you’ve also got the sun beating in. If you need kitchen window coverings Ocala FL, reach out to a company that can help you design a custom solution that matches your current décor.  

Schedule Annual Cleaning for Your HVAC

Air duct cleaning services are popular among homeowners, but cleaning your air handler is a lot more important. Professional cleaning removes the dust that clogs it over time so that cool air can continue to pass through the evaporator coil cleanly.

Taking steps to cool your home efficiently can save you money and also make your home feel more comfortable. Also, making the most of your HVAC system will help it last longer.

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