Sprinkler System FAQs

 Sprinkler System FAQs

Sprinkler systems are an important safety feature designed to prevent small fires from spreading in commercial buildings. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about sprinkler systems.

  1. What Is a Backflow Device?

Backflow devices in fire sprinkler systems ensure that water from sprinkler systems does not flow from the sprinkler system into the municipal water supply. These devices usually do not require substantial maintenance, but when they do not function correctly, it is important to schedule sprinkler repairs rockwall tx.

  1. How Does a Backflow Device Work?

Backflow devices respond to pressure changes. When the water in the sprinkler system is flowing in the correct direction, the water pressure pushes the backflow valve open. However, if pressure builds in the wrong direction, it pushes the valve closed, which prevents the water from flowing the wrong way. This protects the municipal water supply from potentially contaminated water.

  1. What Is a Fire Pump?

Sprinkler systems use water that is under a higher pressure than water that comes from the mainline. The fire pump is the device that increases the flow rate of the water to achieve this higher pressure.

  1. How Often Do Sprinkler Systems Need Inspection?

National Fire Protection Association standards dictate how often sprinkler systems must be inspected. Sprinkler system gauges should be inspected and tested weekly or monthly. Other components, such as the backflow valves, should be inspected and tested once every three months. Pipes, fittings and signage need to be inspected once per year. The internal components of sprinklers should be dismantled and inspected once every five years. Regular sprinkler inspections palmer ak reduce the risk of malfunctions or failures.

Because of the potential for injuries and substantial property damage, fire suppression systems are critically important for commercial buildings. If you have any questions about maintaining or operating your sprinkler system, your local fire department or sprinkler system repair company may assist you.

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