The Making of Printed Doormats: A Guide

 The Making of Printed Doormats: A Guide

Ultimate mats specialize in printing floor mats to be used by commercial customers both in the UK and overseas. You can find out how we create the printed doormats that will impress your customers and visitors by sending us your marketing messages or greetings.

Printing floor mats are a very popular product in our collection. The customer can select the mat that suits their property and get it exactly. For indoor or outdoor use, custom-printed mats can be made. These mats will hold up for many years and keep your corporate branding visible to all who see them, including customers, clients, and employees.

How do you design and print a Doormat?

Ultimate mats is a trusted matting company that can print any design or branding.

We are experts in custom-printed doormats. Our expertise can make bland floors look great and fix problems with wet floors during winter. Our matting team is available to assist with urgent needs.

How Do You Personalize Your Doormat?

Just send us the design. Then, our skilled team will make a mockup of the custom doormat and email it back to the customer. We are happy to make any adjustments if necessary. Once you are happy with your printed mats, we set to work using our state-of the-art printers.

Ultimate mats are able to provide all the details you need, including shading and 3D images. They can permanently dye the carpet using a digital printer. Then, a special stain inhibitor is applied to stop color loss.

Instead of printing on the mat’s surface, colors are deeply dyed into the high twist nylon carpet pile to keep the design prominent for many years.

Once the design has been printed and cut, the mat is placed on a cutting board. After that, the rubber backing and border are applied by specialist heating.

The printed mats will then be packed and ready to be shipped to the customer.

What Materials Are Required To Make A Printed Doormat?

If you are looking to promote your company and brand with printed floor mats, it is important that the mat is made of high-quality material and is constructed to the highest standards. Available in a variety of colors, our branded matting materials can be made to cover any dirt, muck, or dust. Our printed mats work well in high-static areas such as the front of lifts.

  • 100% High Twist Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Premium non-slip nitrile rubber backing

Can You Print on Coir Logo Mats?

Doormats made of coir require a different construction method. Instead of printing the logo, branding, or message, it is cut and inserted directly into the logo mats.

This takes a lot of skill and is more time-consuming than a nylon rug, but the end result is often stunning and will create a lasting impression.

The Advantages of Printed Floor Mats

It doesn’t matter whether you want a custom-printed Coir mat or a rubber-backed printed Floor Mat, once you receive the product you will be able to enjoy the benefits.

  • Personalized designs of high quality
  • In the entryways, include your company name, logo, and branding.
  • Get dirt and gritty
  • You can stop moisture problems at the door
  • You can order custom sizes to suit any space

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