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Top 7 Kitchen Appliances Your Should Try for Better Cooking

Cooking is a different experience for different people. For some, it’s a way to fulfill their hunger while some find it as a part of passion. And, there are people who want to blend different tastes and flavors, to bring something unique. It does not matter which group you belong; you would love some ways to better cooking. Just as any other aspect of your day-to-day life, Technology can help you with cooking as well. In the past decade, we have seen the rise of user-friendly, automated and effective kitchen appliances. It’s just that you have to use the best kitchen appliances for cooking.

In this article, however, we have created a list of Top 7 Kitchen Appliances for better cooking. We have created a curated list of appliances you will find useful when you spend time at the kitchen.

#1 Hand Mixer


It does not matter whether you are baking a cake or some egg-based dishes, you have to mix the ingredients very well. It is almost outdated to rely on traditional countertop mixers, which offer less control but consume more resources. In that situation, it’s better to go for a hand mixer — which lets you mix different ingredients in shorter time. One of the notable advantages of hand mixer is portability. Depending on the type of mixture and intensity you need, you can place the hand mixer in the right manner. There are traditional hand mixers and stick-shaped hand mixers you can purchase, as per which dish you are using for blending. Another advantage is the better power control and energy savings. Most hand mixers do have customizable speeds — 3-speed, 5-speed, 7-speed or 9-speed. You can simply shift between these modes to choose the best blending experience. Nevertheless, make sure you have the best hand mixer for your purpose.

#2 Electric Kettle


Are you still using those old, gas-based, countertop electric kettles in your kitchen? Well, then, it’s high time that you have to shift to electric kettles. These are pretty easy to operate and are comparatively energy-efficient. At the least, you won’t spend that much for making teas and boiling water at the end of the month. Also, there are several advantages. First, most electric kettles are cordless. It means that you can serve the tea or boiled water, by taking the container off power base. Second, when compared to traditional kettles, they offer better control over temperature and modes. In fact, you’ll find specific electric kettles for specific purposes. What you get is also dependent on how much you can spend. If you’re ready to spend a bit more, you can even have an electric kettle that has dispenser function and higher capacity. These are really good for kitchen-based needs, you know.

#3 Panini Press


If you know how to choose the best panini press, it’s one of the best home appliances you can get today. The basic thing you can do with a panini press is to create tasty, crispy paninis — the common name for grilled sandwiches. When it has been compared to traditional methods of sandwich-making, panini presses are super-simple. You won’t have to worry about the temperature or modes. Just keep the sandwich content between grilling plates and the panini should be ready in a few minutes. Here too, there’s a huge choice to select from. First, there are single-function panini press that give lets you create grilled sandwiches without much ado. Then, there are multi-functional panini press solutions. Using these, you can do actions like grilling and griddling. Depending on how many paninis you need per one session, you have to choose the cooking area of each panini press in consideration. And, it’s best to think and buy.

#4 Smart Oven


Microwave ovens have been a sure-shot member of every kitchen for years. However, if you are looking for a better way of cooking, you should shift towards smart ovens. The basic function remains the same, but you have a bunch of options for customization and advanced control. Let’s have a look on the features, first. Smart Ovens come with different modes for cooking. So, depending on whether you want to create, you can choose the suitable mode. Also, there are options for ovens with multiple heating points. And, the best part is something else: you can use the single smart oven to toast, bake, roast and a lot of other cooking purposes. With plenty of mechanisms for accurate temperature control, timing and better performance, you would never want to return to a traditional counterpart. Although you can scale the size up, this type of ovens is comparatively smaller.

#5 Blender


Do you still use those heavy-sized juicers to get your daily smoothies and fresh juices? As you would have experienced, it is hard to move on with those types of home appliances. If you are looking for an effective change, you should get a truly portable and high-performance blender for your kitchen. There are some sub-categories when it comes to blenders. You can either get a general blender or a blender for the smoothie. The first one can be used for almost all purposes — from ice-crushing to fruit mixing. The second type, however, is dedicated for creating fresh smoothies every single day. You can put your favorite veggies, fruits, milk and ice to the blender jar — and Tada. You can have the best smoothie in no time. Of course, you can choose the best blender, based on the speed, performance, purpose and a lot of other things.

#6 Food Processor


A good-enough food processor is actually your first step towards better cooking. As you know, this machine can be used for a variety of purposes — from cutting to chopping. And, if you have chosen the best products and use it well, this will save a lot of time from the cooking session. Of course, apart from these, you get a bunch of advantages too. First of all, a food processor offers the fineness of cutting, slicing and chopping. Given that you have the best-performance product at your disposal, you won’t find any kind of remnant materials in the prepared food. Second, using a food processor is much safer than using knives or scissors for slicing needs. So, you are protecting your own safety along with time. Despite those major disadvantages like noise and hardness of cleaning, a food processor is a worthwhile companion for your kitchen.

#7 A Smart Pressure Cooker


Yes, smartness is there when it comes to pressure cookers as well. While the functions are same, a smart pressure cooker will help you in saving time and getting things done easily. For instance, we can find multiple cooking modes in them. So, it does not matter whether you want to cook poultry or rice, you can simply choose the modes. This one is for beginners, but advanced users can use the accurate temperature and pressure adjustments with care. Obviously, the perks here are of time-saving and less-efforts. When you are struggling to get some tasty food, a smart pressure cooker would be surely a blessing, we bet. In addition, when compared to the old counterparts, these pressure cookers have a stronger build and a bunch of security features. So, if you are really into the world of cooking, a smart pressure cooker would be a nice choice for sure.

Summing Up

So, these are the 7 top kitchen appliances you can have for different budgets. A common chef may not need all products we have mentioned. However, depending on the style of cooking and your knowledge, you can pick one from the list. It’s to be noted that most products come with some kind of automation or smart features. So, it’s more likely that you save a lot of time in the long run. Of course, these best home appliances are available in different budgets and you can choose a reasonable product from the list.

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