Top four hotel lobby designs to inspire you

 Top four hotel lobby designs to inspire you

Regardless of a hotel’s style and theme, a well-designed lobby can bring in a set of audience, if used the functional space effortlessly.Hotel lobby is the most essential working element in the hotel interior design. These days, guests demand for the lobby that’s flexible, which can be used for social gathering, public meetings, or office work. It takes lot of effort to plan a hotel lobby that’s multifunctional in design and fundamental in style.

The very first thing that your guest will see upon entering the hotel premises is the lobby. With many choices for accommodations, it’s easy for people to start comparing the hotel from the first point of contact, i.e. lobby.

Here are some new designs, unique décor, and personalized touches in hotel lobbies across the globe.Consider these design trends to make the best first impression.


Upholstered couches and chairs invite guests to relax, creating a place that offer a sense of luxury.You can enhance the whole look by installing a wooden stags, handcrafted painting. To mimic the appearance of elegance, your hotel lobby can boast a marble staircases, marble floor,historic frescoes, and elaborate plasterwork. Use gilt mirrors, mix of contemporary and antiques furnishings to get royal look.

Add more functionality

Though hotel lobby is used by guests to check in and out, having multi-functional schemes can create a common place for people to converge.Design a special area with facilities as mobile phone chargers, laptop ports for business tourists, while a small play area for children can get you more family guests.

Make it more relaxing and comfortable

Whether your guests are in your hotel for leisure or business purpose, comfort is the crucial key to encourage them to stay longer and book your hotel, every time they visit the same locality. Ensure that hotel lobby is full of comfortable furniture, like a range of couches, chairsthat matches your hotel design theme.

Include sustainable features

Your hotel design should include a range of sustainable features that not only save on long term expenditure, but also sets you high from the competition, as you’re contributing to a greener world. Even guests these days are looking forward to eco-friendly accommodations. Make their stay comfortable by incorporating furniture made from sustainable features, energy- efficient lights, and eco-friendly wall paper, among others.

Consider these design elements to make your lobby more than just a pit stop. Take a look at the concepts byLipari interior designthat can transform any space into a practical and creative environment.

Clare Louise