Top Tips To Save Space When Your Kids Share a Room

 Top Tips To Save Space When Your Kids Share a Room

Sharing a room with a sibling can be an excellent way to help your children build strong bonds, learn to problem solve and work on sharing. Whether you need your kids to share a room because a new baby is on the way or you want to utilize the other bedroom for a different purpose, it’s crucial to create an environment that isn’t overly cluttered. Here are some ways to save space in a shared bedroom.

Use a Trundle Bed

Trundle beds are made with a bedframe that is high enough to fit another bed below it. The bottom mattress rolls under the bed with caster wheels that feature stainless steel roller bearings. Pull the bed out when it’s time to sleep and then store it away when the kids want space to play. This is an easy way to have multiple beds in one room without taking away floor space.

Buy Beds With Storage Compartments

Many beds come with built-in storage to help you manage the items your children own. You can find bunk beds with drawers on the bottom, bedframes with headboards that feature shelves and captain’s beds that have storage compartments underneath the bedframe. You can also use storage containers that fit under the current bed frame you have.

Simplify the Space

Help your children keep their space clean by minimizing the number of items in the room. Encourage your kids to clean up after they play, make their beds and put clothes in the hamper to keep the space tidy and soothing. Encourage your children to donate the things they don’t use anymore.

Create Storage Opportunities

Use storage cubes with cloth bins to organize and sort clothing, toys and stuffed animals. You can divide the space with shelving that increases privacy while expanding storage areas.

Optimize the shared bedroom your children have by increasing the storage and simplifying the space.

Clare Louise