UpHome’s 1000$ Scholarship Program


scholarship-programUpHome’s 1000$ Scholarship Program is available for the students who are pursuing their passion in one of the following field: Medical, Engineering, Natural or Applied Science (Or any higher studies)

Every year, we hold the same scholarship program twice and we distribute these scholarships based upon student merits. Here are easy steps to apply for the latest scholarship program:

  1. Submit your essay here before 7th March, 2017 for the Fall scholarship.
  2. Mention your personal introduction and achievements (in any field) right after the essay.
  3. All information has to be 100% correct.
  4. Eligibility criteria for apply for the scholarship would be 3.0 enrolled or planning to enroll in an accredited college or university.

General Requirements

  1. Applicant must be 18+ years old.
  2. Must be citizen of United States or Canada.
  3. Must be enrolled in one of the above mentioned field of study. (Medical, Engineering, Natural or Applied Science)

How Do we Choose Winners?

  1. A team of experts will judge your essays and winners will be chosen according to score.
  2. There are various factors which judges will consider while assigning points to essay. Few of them are: Grammar, enthusiasm, drive, creative writing, aptitude and personal achievements

Contact Us

If you have any questions or doubts regarding our Scholarship Program, feel free to reach out to us through this contact form.