What to Do with a Clogged Toilet

 What to Do with a Clogged Toilet


When you are a writer for the internet you often don’t have a choice in what you write about. And often the subject can be disgusting. I can assure you that this is one of those times and if I didn’t truly believe that this happens to a lot of people – I wouldn’t be writing this

Clogged toilets

What am I talking about – simple, how to fix a clogged toilet with poop. Disgusting as it is, it happens all the time in households around the world. This is a problem that makes your entire flushing system fail and fail badly. So, you either unclog it yourself or get a professional to do it.

Fixing these problems

But those of us who have toilets should consider ourselves lucky as in some parts of the world; they might not even have a toilet much less one that flushes. So, we that have these modern facilities need to know how to fix these types of problems when they happen. Often a clogged toilet can cost hundreds of dollars to get a professional out to fix it, so no matter how much poop is down there, homeowners often must get their hands dirty and fix the problem themselves. This involves learning how to use a plunger.

Why a plunger?

If you know how to use a plunger you can save a lot of money. Plumbing is one of the highest-paid occupations around. If you have ever had to have a plumber to your house, you know how much that final bill was. Saving money means that you need to know how to use a plunger. I know, experiencing the situation is probably one of the worst-cases bringing human body waste and terrible smells together making this truly disgusting.

Garbage bag and rubber gloves

Before starting to fix this problem, you need to have some waterproof gloves especially for hygiene purposes and a garbage bag to put the poop in. Now it is time to start – you grab that plunger with both hands and start plunging in and out of the toilet. Warning – blobs of poop material will probably get stuck on your plunger which needs to be removed and put into the garbage bag. 

If this doesn’t work, then you will probably have to call a professional. There is only so much a plunger can do and it might be some other problem. 


Sherry Dowell