Advantages of Screw Compressors

 Advantages of Screw Compressors

A screw compressor, also known as a rotary-screw compressor is an air or gas compressor, which uses a rotary-type positive-displacement mechanism. They are used to replace piston compressors when you need high-pressure air in large volumes, like that is required for large industrial applications including chillers, or to operate high-power air tools including jackhammers and impact wrenches.

Screw compressors work with two closely meshing helical screws, known as rotors, to compress the gas. With such alignment using a dry-running rotary-screw compressor, timing gears would be required to work in such a way that male and female rotors maintain precise alignment without contact to avoid wear. Whereas, in the case of an oil-flooded rotary-screw compressor, lubricating oil makes this sliding movement of rotors smooth, transfers mechanical energy between the rotors, and allows one rotor to be entirely driven by the other.

Let’s jump to the advantages associated with the use of screw compressors.
They are considered to be safe and convenient. They deliver air continuously for the required purposes and the longer streaks. They are safest for every type of use, and cases of accidents with such compressors are very rare.

Screw compressors are made to function in extreme weather conditions. They can work properly and with full potential at high temperatures or in low temperatures as well. Not only this, but they can also work in areas where other forms of energy are prohibited due to safety concerns.

More power

Screw compressors generate more power to run high-pressure equipment and power such equipment effectively. They are also easier to maintain and operate with very few maintenance requirements. Some of these compressors might have up to 70% fewer parts, which, as a result, lowers maintenance costs dramatically. One more benefit of their operation is that they run quietly despite their massive airflow. These types of compressors are generally termed as quiet performers. Because they are equipped with noise dampening technologies. One more benefit that they are available in low sizes, making them convenient to be stored anywhere.


Screw compressors are made to provide you energy-efficient services. This way, they generate less heat than normal air compressors. With such benefits, they could be used for longer streaks and in high-pressure situations. One more thing about screw compressors is that they consume less oil than traditional oil-flooded air compressors. Therefore, they carry and require minimum oil to work smoothly. Screw compressors are made with the purpose of long life and their formation makes them last longer. They are designed to serve you for many years, without a slight deficiency in capacity and deliverance.

It would be wise to choose screw compressors for cooling purposes with such long benefits and low maintenance costs.

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