Carmen Ma

3 Clean Your Home Safely and Quickly

Severe weather and other disasters can substantially damage property and leave homeowners with a mess to clean up. These three clean up tips can help you restore your property after a disaster. Observe Safety Precautions Disasters can create hazardous conditions. If you are attempting to clean your property yourself, you should be sure to wear […]Read More

    What To Do With A Messy Garden At

A garden at home helps you a place to relax and sit down after a long day outside. Also, it makes your house look cozier. Planting flowers with different colors is one of the many things that you can do with your garden, which is such a great stress-reliever and hobby to have in life. […]Read More

Quik-Response: Canada’s Innovative Flood Defense Solution

Flooding is already more expensive for Canadians than any other climate problem. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, insured damage is estimated at $74 million in Ontario, $127 million in Quebec and $6 million in New Brunswick. The frequency and severity of floods have been proven to continue to increase; requiring Canadians to take […]Read More