Donna Paul

How To Get The Backyard of Your Dreams

Do you love to sit outside on your deck enjoying a good book or simply watching the wildlife around you? Does your backyard need some work to make it your dream backyard? Whatever work needs to be done to your yard, here are some ways to make your backyard the greatest one around. Add Lighting […]Read More

How to Tell If Your Roof Needs Repair

If you have any doubts about whether or not your roof needs repair, then it probably does. Roofs need to be inspected and maintained regularly in order to avoid damages that could lead to more expensive repairs. Roofs are exposed on a daily basis, so they are bound to get damaged by the sun, rain, […]Read More

Tips for Updating Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary where you rest and regroup for each new day. Lackluster decor and mismatched furniture can make it look drab, though. Here are some ways you can update your bedroom and make it homier. Update Furniture If you are still using the furniture you’ve had for years, an upgrade may be […]Read More

Best Slow Cookers to Buy in 2021

For home cooks, moderate cookers are a kitchen fundamental. They permit you to prepare food unattended throughout significant stretches of time, letting loose you to engage, clean, work, or simply take your psyche off one task on your rundown. For most sluggish cooker plans, you need just put every one of your fixings in the […]Read More

How to Revamp Your Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and if you spend a ton of time in yours, you may be tired of looking at the same decor day after day. Fear not! There are some inexpensive ways you can give your kitchen a facelift without going through construction in your home. Change the Hardware […]Read More

3 Tips for Moving Heavy Items

Are you moving to a new house or relocating some heavy furniture. The task of transporting large items may seem daunting but read on to learn about three ways to make this job more manageable. Use a Furniture Dolly An easy way to move large items is by putting them on top of a dolly. […]Read More

5 Times You Should Call a Plumber

According to many experts and professional plumbers, most of the plumbing works can be performed by anyone like you and me. For this, the DIY solution can prove more beneficial for those who do not know the very basics of plumbing. In short, most of the plumbing repairs can be easily done by “do it […]Read More

Essential Elements for Industrial Designs

The industrial style sort of looks like you are living in a warm cozy warehouse. It tends to lean more masculine, although mixing in feminine elements can elevate the space to a new level. Industrial homes excel at being minimalist while still feeling inviting. Overall, the focus is on neutral tones and a mix of […]Read More

3 Things You Should Add to Your Yard Cleanup List

Cleaning up your yard is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. As you work through your annual outdoor cleaning, be sure to make time for the following yard cleanup tasks. Tree Trimming Tree trimming Stonington CT is a big endeavor, but fortunately it generally only needs to be completed every three to five years. Small trees are easy to […]Read More