Donna Paul

3 Tips for Moving Heavy Items

Are you moving to a new house or relocating some heavy furniture. The task of transporting large items may seem daunting but read on to learn about three ways to make this job more manageable. Use a Furniture Dolly An easy way to move large items is by putting them on top of a dolly. […]Read More

5 Times You Should Call a Plumber

According to many experts and professional plumbers, most of the plumbing works can be performed by anyone like you and me. For this, the DIY solution can prove more beneficial for those who do not know the very basics of plumbing. In short, most of the plumbing repairs can be easily done by “do it […]Read More

Essential Elements for Industrial Designs

The industrial style sort of looks like you are living in a warm cozy warehouse. It tends to lean more masculine, although mixing in feminine elements can elevate the space to a new level. Industrial homes excel at being minimalist while still feeling inviting. Overall, the focus is on neutral tones and a mix of […]Read More

3 Things You Should Add to Your Yard Cleanup List

Cleaning up your yard is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. As you work through your annual outdoor cleaning, be sure to make time for the following yard cleanup tasks. Tree Trimming Tree trimming Stonington CT is a big endeavor, but fortunately it generally only needs to be completed every three to five years. Small trees are easy to […]Read More

3 Tips To Help You Manage a New Roof Project

There are numerous reasons to replace your home’s roof. Maybe it is worn and unattractive or it could leak in rough weather. For whatever reason, if you are planning to put a new roof in your home in the near future, use these tips to better manage the project. Develop a Budget Installing a new […]Read More

Property Renovation and the Right Bedroom Doors

When looking for alternatives to build or renovate your property, several factors must be taken into account. Aesthetics is important, however, you will also have to balance the practicality and comfort provided by any new modifications or additions to your home. When we talk about homes, offices or businesses, the door, in particular, is an […]Read More

3 Things To Get Your Home Ready for Summer

After hunkering down all winter, it’s probably time to do a little spring cleaning. Some people focus on decluttering and clearing out old clothes and books. However, there are several home maintenance items you should take care of while spring cleaning to get your house ready for the summer months. Cleaning Out Rain Gutters While […]Read More

Three Tips for Improving Your Rental Property

Real estate is very lucrative. People will always be in need of a place to live, so being a landlord is a great way to round out your portfolio, especially if you own property in an area with high demand for rental units. Of course, it’s not enough to just have units for leasing. You […]Read More

Make Your Dream Nursery With Temporary Wallpaper For The Perfect

As the due date gets closer, you will always find yourself answering a different question from your family, friends, and sometimes even strangers. One of the inevitable questions is if you have decorated your nursery yet. Here are a few design tips on using wallpaper in the nursery: Accent Wall Most times, the design you […]Read More