Different types of kitchen cabinet styles to choose from

 Different types of kitchen cabinet styles to choose from

It’s exciting to select cabinetry for your kitchen, but with so many choices, many get confused that where to begin. There are many options available to renovate your kitchen. Without a basic understanding of the types of cabinets, it can be overwhelming to design a new kitchen or remodelling it.

Different types

The basic types of kitchen cabinetry include stock, semi-custom and custom-built layouts. Each type offers different benefits based on your budget and needs.  Stock cabinets offer an easy and fast way to give your kitchen a fresh new look. As the name suggests, these come in common sizes and limited door styles, finishes, and colors. In case you’re looking for speedy renovation, you can consider having stock cabinets to bring your vision to life. The semi-stock ones are available in more options, features, and styles than stock cabinets, letting you to create a customized look for your kitchen, while staying in the budget. They are available with features such as organization inserts, door racks, roll out shelves and a range of hardware options to create a distinctive look. The custom cabinets come with a wide range of finishing options, wood types, and designs, that lets you get the exact cabinet layouts you’ve dreamt of.

Different cabinetry solutions

The cabinetry are categorised into base, wall and tall cabinets, as explained below:

Base cabinets: These offer bulk storage space that lets you to store kitchen items like pans, pots, cleaning supplies, cookware in roll out trays or pull out racks or interior shelves. You can choose either simple open base cabinets or two-drawer or super cabinets base cabinets depending on your needs.

Wall cabinets: Wall-mounted layouts offers much needed storage space than base cabinets that let you access items while standing or moving around the kitchen. Wall cabinets come in different styles, such as pull-down spice rack, electric lift cabinets, etc.

Tall cabinets: The storage capacity and height of the layout makes them true “high achievers” of cabinetry, with ability to accommodate unwieldy or large items.

You need to compare different styles and materials to choose the best cabinet that’s most functional for your needs and best fits your taste.

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