Easy Ways To Have a Beautiful Lawn

 Easy Ways To Have a Beautiful Lawn

Are you struggling with growing a beautiful lawn? You might be overthinking it. Thick, healthy grass is easier to grow than you think. You simply need to follow a few basic rules, and before you know it, you’ll have the lawn of your dreams. Here are some easy ways you can grow a fantastic lawn.


Over time, the ground under your lawn gets compacted, and the grass roots can’t grow well. Instead, they stay shallow, and you might find that the grass pulls up easily simply by walking on it. If you haven’t aerated your lawn, you need to as soon as possible.

Aerating your lawn allows air, water and nutrients to better reach the roots, which helps promote growth. You can either use a tool you walk behind that uses blades to pierce the ground or a spray you attach to the hose that aerates the lawn.

Water Correctly

Many people are under the incorrect assumption that giving the grass water every day is how you grow a great lawn. If you water every day, you’re likely doing more harm than good. It’s recommended that you water deeply a few times a week. Watering this way allows water to get down into the roots and doesn’t oversaturate the grass.

The easiest way to water your lawn is to set up an irrigation system. Because it’s essential to have the right amount of coverage, you might want to turn to irrigation design new Smyrna Beach FL services to set your system up.

Kill Weeds

The longer you let weeds in your grass grow, the worse they’re going to be. When you see a weed pop-up, immediately pull it or use a chemical to kill it. Make sure you only use chemicals that kill the weeds and not the grass. You want to put grass seed down instead of leaving empty dirt spots when you kill the weeds. It’s helpful to fill the spots in as fast as possible to avoid having an area for more weeds to easily grow.

Clare Louise