Exterior Areas of Your Home That Could Use Some Color 

 Exterior Areas of Your Home That Could Use Some Color 


Your home’s exterior is more than just an extension of your property. It serves as a major influence on your home’s value and a big part of your image as a homeowner. While you can choose neutral and classic tones, a bit of color may be what you need to upgrade your curb appeal. If you want to add some vibrancy and brightness to your home, here are a few places that you could add pops of color.

The Façade

If you are tired of blasé, unexciting colors, consider a full makeover for your home. Investing in exterior painting Louisville can turn your home from boring into a jaw-droppingly beautiful site. Don’t be afraid to stand out with a new, bold color that makes a statement.

The Front Door

If you want something slightly less comprehensive, consider replacing or repainting your front door. Not only will this greet you whenever you enter your house, but this is the first decorative statement that any guests will see.

The Mailbox

If you prefer to start even smaller, you can get creative with your mailbox. Whether you choose a colorful design or a unique and eye-catching option, your mailbox can be so much more than you have ever dreamed of. With an interesting mailbox, this will bring a whole new joy to receiving snail mail.

Flower Beds and Planters

For those with a green thumb or the ability to hire a landscaper, consider boosting your color landscape with natural elements. With bursts of color from flowers, herbs and other forms of environmental elegance, you can transform your boring front yard into sheer radiance.

Your home’s exterior should be anything but boring. With the ability to bring the entire landscape to life with some color, don’t waste any more time being boring. Give yourself vibrance and brilliance and you will be thrilled to take it all in every time you arrive home.


Sherry Dowell