Four Reasons Automatic Doors Malfunction

 Four Reasons Automatic Doors Malfunction

Automatic doors are regularly used in commercial buildings and operate via a mechanical system that allows them to open or close automatically. Every once in a while, something within the system may not work correctly, so it’s important to know the most common problems so you can literally keep the doors of your business open.

Failing Motion Sensors

Motion sensors activate the automatic door when a person comes within range. Occasionally, these sensors may get dirty or wear out, which will cause them to malfunction. If the sensors fail, they’ll need to be cleaned or replaced by a specialist in automatic door repair New York.

Actuators and One Way Doors

One-way doors are the most common type of automatic door in commercial buildings. An actuator or spring will automatically close the door when it is left open for a short period of time. On occasion, these parts will wear out and need to be greased or replaced in order to prevent problems from happening.

Malfunctioning Motors

The motors in automatic doors can wear out over time. If they are damaged, they may not allow the door to open or cause it to open very slowly, which can be a hazard. If this occurs, the motor will need to be replaced.

Worn-Out Chains Belts and Tracks

Automatic doors consist of a number of parts such as chains, belts and tracks. If your door is not working correctly, check these different parts to ensure none of them are causing the issue. The best way to prevent wear on these parts is to keep the automatic door greased on a regular basis.

Keeping your automatic doors in good working order can be critical for the operation of your business and will save you a lot of headaches. If you uncover any of the aforementioned issues, contact a repair specialist as soon as possible.


Sherry Dowell