Getting a Basic Understanding of Wooden Fencing

Is it necessary to maintain or perhaps replace the fence that surrounds your property? Do you live in a homeowners association where a wooden fence around the perimeter of each property is required? Do you like the way the fence looks when it’s initially lifted out of the ground, or would you prefer a different design?

Always do your homework before committing to a wooden fence as your boundary. It is critical that you learn everything you can about Boise fencing, particularly those made of wood, in order to make the best decision for your family. This will allow you to make the best decision possible.

Continue reading for information on how to care for and maintain wooden fences, as well as other ideas you may not have considered before.


A wooden fence can endure anywhere from ten to fifteen years if properly erected and maintained during that time. Butte Fence is well-known for the high quality of its cedar fence installations. You might be wondering how fast you’ll be able to establish whether or not you need to replace your fence. Please read the following evaluation suggestions carefully.

Planks That Are Rotting

It is one thing to have a few rotten boards on your fence, but if your fence is degrading from top to bottom, it is time to replace it. The bottom of a wooden fence is usually the first portion to deteriorate. The excessive humidity in this region hastens the breakdown of the boards, which would not be the case in drier climes. Regular maintenance and preservation treatment of the surface is required to prevent degradation. Nature, on the other hand, eventually triumphs, and degeneration begins to occur. If the condition of the fence posts and planks has deteriorated sufficiently, you should replace them.


If there is a lot of wind, rain, or elevation shift, your fence can sag. This is because the fence’s framework has deteriorated, which is something that happens after a lengthy period of use. In many cases, minor fence tilting in a specific zone can be addressed by replacing or changing a small number of fence posts in that area. A broad pattern, on the other hand, usually invariably indicates impending peril.

Separate and Autonomous boards

If a board is broken or completely missing, you can request a replacement. Because of the enormous number of missing and broken boards, the construction process had to be restarted. Even the most weather-resistant wood will rot if exposed to the sun and rain for an extended period of time. The occurrence of freeze-thaw cycles is another common issue that ruins otherwise functional circuit boards. If you utilize rotten, deformed, or otherwise damaged planks for your fence, both its performance and aesthetics may suffer.

Broken and Missing Hardware

The nails and screws that hold your fence together may get loose or fall out completely over time. Even while the screws and nails can be replaced, there is still a chance that the wood will become too weak to hold them in place. It is fruitless to try to replace all of the loose or missing fasteners on your fence if the structure is unstable as a result of the issue. It is pointless to try to repair a failing fence by replacing the rotten bolts.


What characteristics of your existing circumstance should you evaluate before deciding whether or not to rebuild your fence? Repairing rather than replacing something is the most cost-effective option. If you are able, you should try to estimate how much it will cost to repair your fence and then decide whether you are willing to do so. Spending a lot of money on an old fence that will only last a year or two is not always a better investment than buying a new fence that will last for many years.

If you want to keep the privacy and security of your home without sacrificing the visual value of your land, it’s time to do rid of that old wooden fence. You are responsible as the property owner for making the necessary preparations to repair your wooden fence every ten years.

How to Care for and Repair Wooden Fencing

Because cedar and redwood are naturally resistant to rot, they are utilized to construct the great majority of wood fences.

Furthermore, it is critical to ensure that the nearby tree systems will not topple the fence. Furthermore, there should be no vines clinging to it in any form. Despite the fact that they enhance the beauty of a landscape, shrubs and vines can accelerate the deterioration of a fence.

Using pressure-treated wood to build your fence can dramatically increase its lifespan. It is critical to apply extremely modest amounts of wood sealants and preservatives. Contact the company that installed your wooden fence for guidance on how to keep it in good condition. Furthermore, it is critical that you have a clear understanding of any warranties that apply to your fence.

Upkeep and Inspections

The proprietor should do a comprehensive inspection of the fence at least once a year. This allows problems to be discovered before they grow out of hand and are uncontrollable. It is critical to thoroughly inspect not only the wood itself but also the fasteners (nails and screws) that hold it together.

Check the fence posts as well as the post holes to ensure that the fence posts are still firmly planted in the ground. The components of the fence that are raised above ground can endure the wear and strain caused by both time and moisture.

It is recommended that you thoroughly clean the fence before painting or staining it at regular intervals. Not only will this preserve the fence’s structural integrity, but it will also keep its wonderful aesthetic.

The Benefits of Wooden Fences

For a variety of reasons, many homeowners prefer wooden fences as their enclosing material of choice. The price will, of course, vary depending on a variety of factors, including location and the ease with which the essential goods may be obtained. For your consideration, below is a summary of a few perks.

  • Wooden fences are a dependable and cost-effective choice. Wood fences are more cost-effective than other conventional fencing materials, such as wrought iron, aluminum, and vinyl, since they are better for the environment and easier to obtain. Wooden fences appear more natural as well. If you have a wood fence professionally installed and maintained, it will look great for many years.
  • A wooden fence requires very little maintenance. You can use soap and water, paint, stain, or a water-repellent solution to keep your fence in good condition. These are only a few of the possibilities. Repairing a warped or cracked panel may need replacing individual boards one at a time.
  • A wooden fence’s height and breadth can be adjusted to meet your needs in both dimensions. Board-on-board split rail, picket, paddock, shadowbox, stockade, and other forms are available. The most frequent type is a board on board. A wooden fence can be customized to match the decor of a person’s house or place of business.
  • A wood fence is great in terms of its impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Wood is a fantastic alternative for clients who are concerned about the environment because it is a renewable resource. Furthermore, there are an expanding variety of environmentally friendly treatments that can be used to protect wooden fences from the damaging effects of rust and insects.
  • A wooden fence is an excellent investment that will increase the value of your home. Homes with wooden fences around their yards have a higher resale value because the fences provide both protection and isolation. Furthermore, wooden fences can improve the functionality of your yard, safeguard your children and pets, and increase the resale value of your home for as long as you live there.


Finally, you want your fence to be visually appealing, last for a long time, and keep prying eyes out. Because they are fencing professionals, Butte Fence is the place to go if you have questions or concerns about fencing. They are experienced with all types of fences, and as a result, they can provide you with informative advice on which option is most suited to your scenario. If you want to know more about the company and the services they provide, click here.

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