Glass Sealer and Maintenance Cleaner – pFOkUS

 Glass Sealer and Maintenance Cleaner – pFOkUS

Shower doors are rough wear and tear areas as they are constantly exposed to water and humidity. Water leaves stains on the door making it look dirty and unmaintained. Those who get hard water in their taps, face the issue of hard water dots on their glass surfaces. These dots are formed due to the deposits of calcium and magnesium in hard water. Even if  you put in a lot of time and effort, cleaning and scouring these dots, they reappear with the next use. At such times, you might be feeling the need of good shower glass sealer and maintenance product that do not let these stains damage your glass surface.

pFOkUS’ glass restoration products have brought a revolutionary change to the way you maintain your surfaces. Before you seal your glass, it must be cleaned with a high quality cleaner. Here is a list of our glass restoration products and their features.

Benaz – Glass Cleaner:

pFOkUS recommends that before you use a glass sealer and maintenance cleaner, you need to clean the surface thoroughly with a water spots and dots remover. Benaz is a glass polish cleaner that restores the glass to its utmost level of clarity. Benaz removes all the hard water stains, soap scums and etching from the glass door. Low quality products may just remove the stains, but are ineffective over etching. Acidic cleaners also destroy the glass surface, but Benaz preserves the integrity of the surface and removes all the tough stains and etching.

Features of Benaz:

  • It is a biodegradable product with a lovely spearmint fragrance.
  • It comes with a white scratch free pad.
  • One bottle can clean upto 3 shower panels.
  • It is a glass polish cleaner that restores your glass to perfection, delivering an ideal clarity and removing all stains and etching marks.

Valore – Glass Sealer:

 Valore is the ultimate glass sealer which not only preserves the glass doors but also the panels, shower doors and the tables of the shower glass from etching and hard water dots. Valore has been formulated such that it prevents etching and water dots from damaging the surface. It cleans the surface and seals it at the same time. It is one of our strongest formulations and has shown remarkable results for glass protection. After you have sealed your shower glass with Valore Sealer, you can expect a stunning surface after every use.

Features of Valore Sealer:

  • No hard water minerals such as magnesium, calcite or sodium chloride can ever damage the surface of the glass again, once it has been sealed with Valore Sealer.
  • For people who get hard water in their taps should use this shower glass protector for waterproofing their surfaces.
  • It makes water sheet off the surface and dry without leaving any dots.
  • It comes in a sleek aluminum bottle that fits easily into the grip of  your hand.

Valore Maintenance – Daily Glass Cleaner

 Valore Maintenance is a high quality combination of shower glass cleaner and sealer.  It is a green glass maintenance product that takes the effort out of your cleaning. It cleans and seals simultaneously. After you have deep-cleaned and sealed your glass surface, you can use this maintenance product to preserve the beauty. Valore Maintenance cleaner is fortified at a molecular level though ion exchange with infused 6.97% H2O2, thereby creating a hydrophilic surface tension that keeps your surfaces more protected and sanitized.

Features of Valore Maintenance:

  • It reduces  your inventory products, as after Valore Maintenance, you do not need a separate cleaner or a sealer.
  • It prevents water dots from etching your shower glass.
  • Valore Maintenance can be used on showers, tubs, countertops and floors. It is an excellent product to maintain sealants like Caponi and Sentura used on tile and grout.
  • It can be used on all fixtures such as tile and other hard surfaces.

Grab our ultimate glass restoration products, such as cleaner, glass sealer and maintenance product to ensure the beauty of your glass surfaces for a lifetime. Not only shower glass protector and glass cleaners, pFOkUS manufactures an entire range of stone, grout and glass restoration products. Our products are so reliable, that even D’Sapone – a paramount restoration service provider in the US only uses our products for their services.

Paul Petersen