How To Dig a Foundation For a House

 How To Dig a Foundation For a House

You are ready to move and want to build a house instead of purchasing one that is already built. Before you can start the construction on the structure, you must have a foundation excavated and prepared to support it. Here are a few steps to complete this important part of your home. 

Dig the Dirt From the Area

Once you find the right lot, contact your local heavy equipment trailer manufacturers alabama to organize the transportation of the machines you will need to dig in the dirt. You can also work with an excavator to do this step. Mark off the area that you want your house to be on, making it clear where each corner is. Be certain that it matches the blueprints of the structure. Once everyone is certain on the dimensions, the soil can be removed to the design specifications indicated.

Install the Footings

When the soil is gone from the foundation, you will need to set the footings into the places where you have dug. Mix the concrete to the specifications instructed by the builder or hire a company to prepare it for you. If you intend to use wood forms in your construction, assemble them and put them where they should go. Pour the mixture into the footings, being careful that it is level when you are finished. Once they are dry, apply a sealant over them to keep water out of the cement. Research which product is the best before doing so or contact an expert in the field to get a recommendation. 

Set Up the Block Walls

Now that the footings are dry and sealed, construct walls from concrete blocks. The house you will build will sit on these and anchor to them to keep it secure. Accurately measure where they should go then set each one in place side by side. Once you are finished, coat these also in sealer to keep moisture out of your basement and mold from growing.


Clare Louise