How Will Excavator Attachments Help To Dig Trenches?

 How Will Excavator Attachments Help To Dig Trenches?

If you are in the market for excavator attachments, it is highly likely that your construction project will have an extensive digging phase. Your plant hire company will have the experience of working with a wide array of companies working in construction. In almost every construction project and on every site, there is a need to dig trenches and to move soil away at some point during the foundation and soil preparation phase of a project. 

Choosing the right excavator attachment to help make the right moves and to work safely and efficiently is very important. Having that expertise on your side to offer advice and guidance, and to have an extensive choice of fleet and attachments with the latest models, will ensure your project runs smoothly. 

What is trenching?

Trenching is where a narrow excavation is created just below the ground surface. They are deeper than they are wide, as opposed to ditches, and are narrow when compared to their length.

All trenches are excavations but not all excavations are trenches. A man-made trench is used for a wide variety of purposes within construction and civil engineering. These tasks include the laying of pipes, sewage lines, telephone wire, and electric cables. In residential construction projects trenching is often used to dig irrigation and install plumbing connections and pipes for heating systems.

Excavator attachments for trenching

Different attachments are used for different purposes, but the following are perfect excavator attachments to move soil as part of a safe trenching task

Micro trencher – this attachment is used to create narrow trenches that are suitable for cable installation. It reduces the need to remove the saw from the ground, with minimal disturbance to the ground around it.

Auger attachment – auger attachments are suitable for use with excavators, track loaders, skid steers, and backhoes, providing deeper digging potential in the tightest of spots on site.

Excavator buckets – ditch cleaning bucket attachments for excavators are designed for grading and backfilling tasks. They are designed to work well in wet conditions and provide that extra collection point for soil and materials being dug during trenching. 

Ditching bucket – buckets that are designed specifically to aid with ditch maintenance, any slope work, grading, and other construction tasks.

Excavator compaction plate – this excavator attachment is designed as a safe and efficient solution when compacting trenches. 

Choose a plant hire company that not only has an extensive fleet of available plant for hire, but that the attachments range ensure that you are always fully equipped with the tools you need. Flexibility is key in construction, and attachments offer you that ultimate flexibility that turns an excavator hire into a multi-faceted piece of kit.  Your point of contact will be knowledgeable and be with you from the initial planning phase of the project right through to completion, ensuring you have the correct support at every stage, on-time deliveries of plant hire, attachments, training, and replacement equipment if you suffer from a breakdown.

Carmen Ma