Signs a Microwave is in Need of Repair

 Signs a Microwave is in Need of Repair

The microwave oven has seen widespread use going all the way back to the late sixties, although they were actually invented around 1946. Today, it’s rare to find an apartment or a home without one. They are pretty dependable, but they’re not made of titanium and they can break from time to time.

It’s always best to bring in someone to repair a microwave before it’s broken, however. Here are some of the biggest indicators that a microwave oven is in need or repair:

Food is not cooking. If food is put in the microwave oven to be heated up or cooked, but it’s taking too long for either to happen, then there’s likely a problem with the microwave.

This is usually caused by the magnetron, which is sort of like the motor for a microwave. If this is starting to fail, then the microwave needs to be repaired right away.

The microwave is sparking or smoke is smelled when it’s in operation. This is one of the more serious problems to experience with a microwave. If either of these things occurs, then it’s an indication that something electrical is happening with the microwave.

Stop using the microwave immediately and unplug it! Don’t try to attempt to repair the microwave on your own. Call in a professional right away to repair the microwave oven and don’t use it before then.

The microwave is making strange sounds. This can be a buzzing or grinding sound. First, make sure that the turntable is sitting in the microwave oven correctly and make sure that there isn’t anything sitting in the microwave that could be causing the sound. If there isn’t, then it’s time to call in a repairman.

The door won’t close properly. Never ignore this issue. If the door to the microwave can’t be closed, but it can still be turned on, then there is definitely a problem in that it can cause people serious injury. Even if it can’t, a microwave that can’t be turned on is not of much use to people. Have it looked at right away.

The microwave keeps acting up. If anyone notices that the microwave has difficulty starting up, stopping, the display seems to be flickering, or the internal lights are flickering, then there is likely an electrical problem with it. This is definitely not something that one should try to fix on one’s own. Call in microwave repairman.

Rust is forming in the microwave. This is pretty rare to see, but it can happen and means that one should stop using the microwave and get someone in to take a look at it soon. The metal lining ensures that food cooks properly and it keeps it intact. Once it starts to fail, the rest of the oven won’t be far behind.

If any of these issues are detected, then it really is best to call an appliance repairman in the Toronto area to come in and repair it as soon as possible.

Drow Polly