The Tools of the Trade

 The Tools of the Trade

There is always great debate over the need for different areas of skilled laborers and apprentices to purchase their own tools and bring them to work. However, when you are working in sheet metal fabrication, it is always helpful to have your own tools so you can fine-tune your craft when you are not at work. The metal fabricator Houston TX shops or companies are hiring, the following is a list of must-haves for your personal tool chest.

  1. Cleco Fasteners

These work like strong clothespins. The temporarily hold multiple sheets of metal together before they become permanently joined. They work best with sheets of aluminum.

  1. Angle Grinder

Whether you have a four and a half-inch or a six-inch angle grinder, this handheld power tool can grind, cut, and polish several different types of metal. Don’t skimp on your purchase, since fabricators need an angle grinder that is durable.

  1. Angle Grinder Discs

You need accessories for your angle grinder, choosing between grinding wheels that are superabrasives or conventional abrasives. You may also want to purchase flap discs used for finishing work, cutoff wheels, or wire wheels.

  1. Wire Cutters

Though a small tool, no fabricator is worth his salt unless he has a strong pair of wire cutters. These are used to snip off frayed ends.

  1. Throat-less Shear

This is a tool made for achieving curved, straight, or irregular cuts on projects. It has a tall handle for leverage to cut through mild steel, stainless, or aluminum sheets. It is considered a staple of every workshop.

  1. Auto-darkening Helmet

Though these can get a bit pricy, ranging from $200-$400 according to manufacturer, this is an investment worth making. There are some projects that may require a lot of welding.

Investing in your own tools can be a bit of an expense, but it is worth the investment. You can work on your skillset and become the best in the business.

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