Upgrading Your Bathroom Without Spending Too Much

 Upgrading Your Bathroom Without Spending Too Much

Your bathroom space should feel like a luxurious retreat but too often it feels dated, grungy and unappealing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to rehab your bathroom, there are many steps you can take that cost only a few dollars but have outsized results. Change your bathroom to a true restroom with these quick and easy upgrades.

Upgrade Your Accessories

A new faucet and towels rack or just a beautiful hammered silver texture bath set can update the look of your bathroom instantly. Drawer pulls and other metal accessories change the feel of a whole room. If you love your accessories, give them a good cleanup to restore their shine. Use a solvent like CLR to remove tarnish and hard water buildup.

Add Artwork

You spend quality time in the bathroom every day. Make sure you have something beautiful or at least intriguing to look at. Not only does art add personality to your bathroom, it gives the room a focal point besides the toilet. Pop in something that can be a conversation starter. Try framing a poster or hit your local thrift store for great art options and frames. Frames are often more expensive than what goes in them, so when you can find a frame deal, jump on it.

Brighten the Room

Work to keep your bathroom bright and light. Light colors make a small space feel more open. If you have grout, give it a bleach. Upgrade your lighting fixtures or change out the bulbs to cool white LEDs. Use additional mirrors and paint with a sheen to trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it is. 

Finally, remember that keeping your bathroom clean keeps it from feeling cluttered and dingy. Hang up those towels and wipe down your fixtures. This simple step lets your bigger changes make a bigger impact. 

Clare Louise