What to Know When Buying Homes with Pools in Scottsdale, AZ

 What to Know When Buying Homes with Pools in Scottsdale, AZ

Scottsdale has always been a significant place for people who love the outdoors and warm, sunny weather. The city has a thriving nightlife, scenic natural beauty, delectable cuisine, and much more that attracts an increasing number of people each year. The expansive McDowell Sonoran Preserve offers folks the chance to enjoy bike riding, hiking, and horseback riding anytime they want.

Furthermore, there are homes for sale with pool in Scottsdale AZ, that make life more comfortable and convenient for residents. They add value to the property and are excellent for spending quality time with family and acquaintances. The following information outlines pivotal aspects home buyers in Scottsdale should know when buying a home with a pool in the region.

It can be beneficial

A pool is an excellent way to cool off in the arid and hot desert Arizona climate. Even if you live in a home that doesn’t have much of a yard, having a pool will help keep you cool while giving you access to recreational activities. It is also an excellent place for friends and family members to come over and spend time with each other. The pool shape and size can vary depending on the house you buy, allowing you to furnish the surroundings with suitable seating and other amenities.

Many homes in Scottsdale, Arizona, have large pools, making them suitable for families with kids. Besides being fun, pools are also aesthetically pleasing additions that make Scottsdale homes more valuable than others without them.

They are available in many regions

Scottsdale is a fantastic place to buy a beautiful house with a pool. Moreover, many neighborhoods within Scottsdale have homes with pools, such as McDowell Mountain Ranch and Greenbrier East in North Scottsdale. If you are looking for something in Old Scottsdale, consider Inmar Terrace and New Papago Parkway. They have excellent private pools suitable for couples, families with kids, and retirees.

All these areas have easy access to amenities such as restaurants and shopping centers along with gyms and playgrounds that make it easy to live comfortably while also having plenty of fun.


Houses with pools in the city are affordable, with the actual price varying from one neighborhood to the next. Also, the final cost depends on various factors such as property size and value, location, market trends, etc. That being said, there is something for every budget in the city.

For instance, buying a four-bedroom-two-bathroom house in N. 48th Way could cost around $785,000, while luxurious ones in E. Highland Avenue and E. Kalil Drive average over a million dollars.

Additionally, pools are an excellent investment as they can last for over a decade when cared for, saving you money on maintenance costs every year. They also spike the value of your home if you decide to sell it someday.

Local realtors can get you a great deal

Reputable local realtors have access to high-end homes for sale with a pool in Scottsdale, AZ, allowing you to pick from the best. They are experts at negotiating on behalf of their clients, so they can give you the best possible chance of closing your purchase successfully.

They can provide advanced searches that list new properties matching your search criteria, regularly sending you emails with the updated listings. Finally, they can also bring you exciting property deals in other Arizona cities like Phoenix, Buckeye, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and Peoria, to name a few.

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