Which Toilet Is Suitable For The Disabled?

 Which Toilet Is Suitable For The Disabled?

The toilets for handicapped people must have certain requirements that give them ease and safety when they are going to use them. They are also designed to encourage individuals with motor difficulties to be self-sufficient and have the best privacy in them.

A bathroom is made up of a toilet, a sink, and a shower, all of which have specific regulations so that a disabled person can use them usually. But it is the toilets that cause the most curious about its benefits for this class of the public.

So, thinking about your well-being and care, let’s jump into the main content:

Which Toilet Is Suitable For A Disabled Person?

The toilets must have enough space to allow someone in a wheelchair to get up and sit easily, and they must also be higher than the common ones for more direct access (43 to 47 cm).

In case the height was better, it is something that has a solution on a platform. Some platforms adapt to the toilet base so that it does not sit, as if an extension were there.

By space, you are referring to at least 75 cm between the toilet and the wall. Also, from the toilet’s axis, horizontal handles should be located on one side to ensure that people can lean on something when sitting and standing.

In this case, its installation depends on how stable the walls are; otherwise, it would reinforce the walls.

The location of the roll holder and the flush button are essential since they must be available equally. Ideally, you should have an emergency call or request to us if you want to know more about us.

The bathroom door should be sliding or always open to the outside. The reason is that if someone suffers from a fall in the bathroom, nothing can prevent access to the sites. The floor should also be slip-resistant to avoid unfortunate falls.

Other details:

Other data for an efficient toilet for a disabled person corresponds to a bracket-type washbasin area with a lever-type tap. It has to be low and close to the edge; preferably, it should be reclining.

While the shower area should be flush with the floor and a seat that is about 43 or 47 cm from it.

The attention paid to this type of people is not only in the design since such a bathroom must contain all the bathroom accessories that are not too high for greater accessibility.

Sherry Dowell