2 Things To Know About Mulch Before Buying

 2 Things To Know About Mulch Before Buying

Mulching your garden can provide many benefits for any level of gardener. Whether gardening is a new hobby you’ve recently picked up or you’re a veteran who has been in the garden for years, mulching can help your garden become more successful. So, here are two things to consider when selecting mulch for your garden.

Types of Mulch

The two broadest types of mulch for mulching in Montgomery, AL are organic and synthetic. You can purchase both types in most gardening supply stores, including online stores like Granger land Services. Organic mulch is made primarily of materials from living matter such as grass, leaves, and wood chips. Synthetic mulch, on the other hand, is made of non-living materials such as rocks, plastic, and rubber chips. Organic mulch is cheaper, but it needs to be replaced more often since the materials are biodegradable and will deteriorate into your garden. For rubber mulch dallas tx click here.

Benefits of Mulch

Mulch has many benefits, including improving the health of the soil around it. The soil surrounding the mulch absorbs the materials in the mulch, especially if the mulch is organic. The grass, leaves, and wood chips commonly found in organic mulch provide nutrients to the soil around it and also keep the moisture contained within the soil. Certain types of mulch also keep harmful agents away from the garden such as weeds, insects, and some weather-related ailments.

Researching specific types of mulch can benefit your garden depending on your needs. Organic mulch is generally a better choice, but if time is a limited resource for you, synthetic could be a better way to go, since you will have to spend less time replacing it. Now that you know the broad types and general benefits of mulch, doing your own research on the specific brands of mulch available will be your best bet for getting what you need.

Donna Paul